Ted Williams

Rebecca Black - "Friday"

From Rebecca Black To Sophia Grace: The 11 BEST Viral Videos of 2011

Let’s face it, sometimes all we can manage to do is watch ridiculous and hilarious YouTube videos to put us in a better mood. We found the 11 best viral videos of 2011 to help […]


Golden Voice Ted Williams Getting a Reality Show?!

This guy’s entire life has been one big episode of the Biggest Loser, so it’s no surprise that “Golden Radio Voice Guy” Ted Williams is now getting ready to start filming his own reality show, […]


Ted Williams Goes to Rehab

There’s not much that the now ex-homeless man with the golden radio voice ,Ted Williams, and Hollywood’s most famous moron, Lindsay Lohan, have in common. But they do share a love of intoxicating substances.


The Rise And Fall of Ted “The Voice” Williams

Ted Williams has gone from homeless to the high life and back into rehab in the blink of an eye. That’s right, “The Voice”, who claimed he has been sober for two years, has relapsed […]


Have Faith In Ted “Golden Voice” Williams!!!

Ted Williams, the man with the “Golden Voice”, has been on a wild ride over the last week. He’s gone from a disheveled, homeless man on the street begging for money to a man with […]


The Road to Redemption For a Great Voice

Ted Williams, “the homeless man with the incredible voice” is working on getting his life back on track. He’s back in his native NYC today to be reunited with his 90-year-old mother – who hasn’t […]


Update: Golden Radio Voice Guy Got Offered a Jobbie Job!

Oh look! The internet has done some good for a change. Ted Williams, the golden voiced homeless man that Tictak was gushing about yesterday has been offered a job! Good thing for Tictak, huh?


Ted Williams: The Homeless Man with the Golden Voice

Come on folks, let’s help this guy out! I’ve been in radio for a long time. When I came across this clip on YouTube, it just broke my heart. There’s GOTTA be a job out […]