Lulu y Lala’s Dog Nightmare: What Do You Have Issues Passing Up?

You all know that store you just love, and end up spending more than what you expected. Even when you say to yourself “I’m not going to buy anything.” or  say “I’m only going to get this one […]



No More Monkeying Around: The Saga Of Justin Bieber’s Monkey, OG Mally

Justin Bieber has been known to monkey around a bit — he just turned 19 a little over a month ago, after all. But now it’s the singer’s new pet, a capuchin monkey named OG Mally (Original Gangster Mally, naturally), that’s making headlines — and for all the wrong reasons.


"Why Would You Show Me That, Zann? WHY?"

“I Spent $1,900 On My Dog’s Root Canal!”: How Much Are You Willing To Spend On Your Pet?

Lulu and Lala are willing to spend $1,900 on their dog’s root canal. Is that extreme? How much are you willing to spend on your pet?


Toro’s Pics From Last Night: #923Pets

Last night Toro and Producer Steve decided to get listeners to take pictures of their adorable pets and post them on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #923Pet.


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Damn… It’s Cold Outside! Keep Yourself AND Your Dog Toasty!

New Yorkers know how to handle the cold and our four legged friends! But just in case YOU DON’T, I have a few tips to keep you and your four legged BFF warm and frostbite free! –Micki


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It’s A Baby Girl (Puppy) For Britney Spears!

Britney Spears just adopted a baby girl — but it’s not the kind of baby you’re thinking.


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Usher Buys $12,000 Dog, Has It Like That

It looks like Usher has a new member of the family–a $12,000 dog!



Halloween, Doggy Style: Who’s Got the Best Dog Costume?

Wondering how you should dress your puppy for Halloween? Check out these crazy costumes.


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Pet Owners Everywhere: What Sets Your Pet Apart From The Average?

This morning, Ty wanted pet owners to gloat for their pets! Whether it be a dog, cat or rabbit..if it does something out of the ordinary, he wanted to hear from you!


"Why Would You Show Me That, Zann? WHY?"

House Sitting in NYC: Advanced Course 102

My fam was going to be gone for five days and I needed someone to watch my dog and cat. The only person I knew I could trust was my new bestie, Zann, who I have come to love and adore! When I handed her the keys to my place, I saw the panic in her eyes.