Do You Want Fat Bridesmaids In Your Wedding? Lulu Says “Hell No!”

This morning on Ty Loves NY, Lulu made a statement: “I don’t want fat bridesmaids at my wedding!” Woah! Is she crossing a line?


Chubby Child washes chocolate down with soda. DIET soda.

Dara-Lynn Weiss’ “The Heavy”: Mother Puts 7 Year-Old On Diet

This morning on Ty Loves NY, Dara-Lynn called in to talk about her new book “The Heavy,” where she defended her reasoning behind Bea’s diet.


NYC’s Anti Soft Drink Campaign

Remember those anti-smoking ads on the subway with pictures of a cancer riddled lungs, you know the ones that always threatened to bring your breakfast right back up again?  Yeah, the New York City Health […]


Should 555lb Boy’s Mom Be Arrested?

Jerry Gray, a South Carolina woman who’s 15-year-old son weighs in at 555lbs was recently charged with neglect, and her son was taken away and put into foster care. Gray claims that her only neglect […]


Battling the Bulge? Blame Your Parents

Oooh, guess what?! Here’s another thing to blame your parents for! A recent Australian study found that obesity had more to do with the weight and eating habits of your same sex parent and aren’t […]


Marriage: The Opposite of Diet

Worst. Study. Ever. A study published in the July issue of Obesity (side note: who knew there was a magazine named “Obesity”) found that getting hitched causes one heck of a weight gain! Researchers tracked […]