"I'll show you mine, if you show me yours..."

Love Expert Rachel DeAlto’s Advice: How To Find The Love Of Your Life!

Love expert Rachel DeAlto stopped by the 92.3NOW studios to chat love, dating and relationships with Ty Bentli. Find out how to find the PERFECT love of your life here!


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Toni Braxton Hits Bottom, Bounces Right Back with New Album & Book

Braxton is teaming up with Babyface for a duet album titled, “Love, Marriage and Divorce.” Although they have known each other for some time this is their first collab and it is completely inspired by their divorces.



Zann Seeks Man Before World Ends Via Craigslist

Something about Mayans and the world coming to an end that gets me thinking if there is one thing I haven’t done in this lifetime that I wish I could accomplish before things get crazy and zombies start eating my brains, it would be finding a man.


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Ed Sheeran Releases “Give Me Love” Video

Isabel Lucas plays a Cupid-like angel on the fringes, spying on lovers and sharpening her arrows. In spite of her gift for bringing others together, her loneliness brings her to a tragic end.


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Love Is Blind: What Dumb Decisions Have You Made Because You Were In Love?

Falling in love is a sweet, sweet feeling. The use of the term “fall” implies that the process is in some way inevitable, uncontrollable, risky, irreversible, or that it puts the lover in a state of vulnerability. In other words sometimes falling can also mean that you fell into a trap!


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Which Would You Rather Have: Career Or Love?

Everyone in Hollywood seems to get cheated on. Let’s be honest, every couple seems to break up in due time. And why is that? Anyone that enters Hollywood has to make some sacrifices.


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The Wanted Play “What’s That Song” – Part 2

Watch the boys try to guess songs by Christina Aguilera, LMFAO, the Beatles, Barry White, blink-182 and more. And Tom Parker, of course, gets a little bit dirty.



We Found Love In A Random Place

I am so excited! This week I have a fun-filled adventure planned with a gentleman friend. He is one fine piece of man, and whatever comes of it, I can’t be held accountable for my actions. He should be scared, VERY scared. I may destroy him.


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Jordin Sparks On Jason Derulo: “Marriage Comes Into Conversation Multiple Times a Day”

Singers Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo have been a hot topic of romantic speculation since around mid-2011. Skip ahead to the summer of 2012. Jordin Sparks recently sat down to chat with Sarah Lee and dished a little bit more on the high profile relationship.


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Is Rihanna More Cautious Than We Think?

If her interview in the new Harper’s Bazaar is any indication, RiRi’s hard exterior may be starting to slip.