Ty Brings Early Christmas To The Tri-state: Kids, Open Up Those Gifts!

Ty is all about opening up Christmas gifts early! And because of that he is getting children from the tri state to do it too…!


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Creepy Things Kids Say: Ty Keeps It Real About Being A Parent

This morning on Ty Loves NY, Ty went through a list of some of the creepiest things that kids say to their parents. Did this discourage Phone Screener Bryan from wanting a kid? Maybe…


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Jukebox Jury: Do Kids Need Their Own Music?

Welcome to Jukebox Jury, our new music debate show where experts face off and a jury of fans decides the winner.


Chubby Child washes chocolate down with soda. DIET soda.

Dara-Lynn Weiss’ “The Heavy”: Mother Puts 7 Year-Old On Diet

This morning on Ty Loves NY, Dara-Lynn called in to talk about her new book “The Heavy,” where she defended her reasoning behind Bea’s diet.


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Blue Ivy Has $1 Million Nursery At Barclay’s Center, Officially Most Spoiled Celebaby

Color Blue Ivy the most pampered celebaby in NYC! Jay-Z and Beyonce are reportedly renting a nursery suite for their daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, at the new Barclays Center for a whopping $1 million a year.


Washing Machine

Zann’s Viral Video Infection: 10 Year Old Plays Drums On Washing Machine

There is something in the water these days, I tell yah. I wish there had been something in the water when I was 10. If there had been, maybe I would’ve cured some foreign viral strand out there… but there wasn’t so here I am.


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After Mourning, How To Move On From The Newton, Connecticut Shootings

It was a long weekend full of endless media coverage and constant chatter about the deaths of the innocent 26 people in Newton, Connecticut on Friday. Everywhere you turned there was coverage on CNN, FOX […]


Connecticut Community Copes With Aftermath Of Elementary School Mass Shooting

Zach Cartaya, Columbine School Shooting Victim, Talks Post Traumatic Stress & Sandy Hook

Survivors who have witnessed horrible tragedies, such as Friday’s mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, may suffer psychological damage that may linger long after any physical wounds have healed. Most people eventually heal, CNN […]


Sandy Hook Elementary Memorial Drawings by Kids

Draw For Kids: Donate Hand Drawn Paintings To Newtown, CT

92.3 NOW’s “TY Loves NY” morning show would like your help in remembering the children of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy by donating handcrafted drawings, painting, cards etc.


Connecticut Community Copes With Aftermath Of Elementary School Mass Shooting

Dr. Weissglass’ Tips On How To Talk To Your Children About The Sandy Hook Shooting

It’s that time of year when children are meant to think about their last few days in classes before winter break, and parents should be finishing their last minute Christmas shopping. However, the killings at a Connecticut elementary school left parents struggling to figure out what, if anything, to tell their children.