What’s The Craziest Thing a BF/GF Did To You, Yet You Still Took Them Back?

Robin Thicke tried to get Paula Patton back… But she wasn’t having it! What crazy thing has your ex done, yet you took them back?


Is She Tryin’ To Holla? Was Producer Jason Hit On By His Engaged Friend?

Producer Jason’s “girl” friend never once mentioned her engagement while recently hanging out. Was she trying to holla at him!?


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Yankees’ Alex Rodriquez Involved In New Doping Investigation

Alex Rodriguez aka A-Rod from the New York Yankees might be a cute guy to most ladies, but to others his possible steroid abuse has plagued their minds. Did he or didn’t he? Should we care or should we just forget it about?


Sneaky Kisses

If You See Your Neighbor Cheating… Should You Get Involved?

Just the other day, after he arrived back at his apartment from his run outside, Ty noticed his neighbor with a woman… that wasn’t his wife! Nothing seemed odd or out of the ordinary. That was, until they kissed!


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Which Would You Rather Have: Career Or Love?

Everyone in Hollywood seems to get cheated on. Let’s be honest, every couple seems to break up in due time. And why is that? Anyone that enters Hollywood has to make some sacrifices.


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After Being Cheated On: Is Robert Pattinson Hotter, or Less Attractive?

So when all is said and done, does the KStew cheating situation make Robert less of an attractive man? Or is he hotter for this?


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Who Is To Blame For Cheating: Kristen Stewart Or “The Other Guy” Rubert Sanders?

Who should take the blame; Kristen Stewart or “Snow White” director Rupert Sanders?


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Kristen Stewart Caught Canoodling with ‘Snow White’ Director, Media Tells Robert Pattinson… Awkwaaard!

Kristen Stewart has been caught kissing someone other than her hunk-of-a-boyfriend, Robert Pattinson. And here we thought Kristen and Robert were two peas in an awkward, uncomfortable pod.


"Real Men Don't Buy Girls" Launch Party

Do You Think Demi Moore’s Problems Were The Real Reason For Divorce?

When Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s marital problems first became public, his extramarital affair was most often singled out as the main issue. For days and days, the rumors and stories of his Playboy antics […]


"Real Men Don't Buy Girls" Launch Party

Rollin’ With Nick Cannon: Do You Believe In Open Relationships?

Rumors are going around that before Demi and Ashton broke up the two were involved in an open relationship. Is this something you agree with? [lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Nick Cannon[/lastfm] and Sarah Lee have differing points on the […]