Vibegrrl - 27 Weeks

Vibegrrl’s Baby Blog: 27 Weeks and Thinking You Should STFU!

It is actually *quite* amazing, the things people say to pregnant women.  It’s like your friends and family lose any and all filters they used to have. For example, my doorman. It took him six [...]


Vibegrrl - 20 Weeks!

Vibegrrl's Baby Blog: 20 Weeks and Thinking HOLY $#!&*!

20 WEEKS! For those of you who don’t know, 20 weeks means this bun is half-baked! I’ve climbed the mountain and now I’m on the free-fall down! I think “20 weeks” and all I can [...]


"What's it gonna be?"

Vibebaby Update!!! It’s… A…

Can I just tell you that I had to sit through about 25 minutes of cold belly gel and blurry baby images before the tech even TOLD me what I was having?!?! There was one [...]


Photo: Joe Cingrana for CBS Radio / 92.3 NOW

Vibegrrl’s Baby Blog: 19 Weeks and Hoping for a Va-Jay-Jay!

In a few hours, I will find out if the little alien in my womb is a boy or a girl. Now, the politically correct thing to say about this would be something along the [...]


"Look what we did!"

SURPRISE! I’m Pregnant! And Uh… My Pants Don’t Fit!

Apparently, I took filling in for Lisa Paige‘s maternity leave a little tooooo literally… Turns out, I’M KNOCKED UP TOO!!! While the hubs and I are pretty excited, it was a leeeeeetle bit of a [...]


Vibegrrl 2011

Bunny Weighs In On Nick Cannon’s Socks

Every morning, our very own Nick Cannon tweets a pick of his socks. Really, I’m not sure why. I will say though that the boy’s got some iiiiinnnteresting taste in socks. Some of them are [...]


Vibegrrl 2011

Sexting Is None Of Your Business! Bunny, On the Other Hand…

Since when is SEXTING a real scandal? In the latest politician-turned-sexter story of NY congressman Anthony Weiner there were no hookers, no love children, no men meeting up in bathrooms… NO ONE EVEN TOUCHED ANYONE [...]


Vibegrrl 2011

She’s a Summer Bunny After All!

UGH! The heat lately has been INSANE. I have spent the past week either as a giant puddle or huddled around my AC like my life depended on it! I’ve also been downing water like [...]


2011 Vibegrrl - Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend from Bunny and Spanky!

Ahhhh, Memorial Day Weekend. Time to bust out the bikini and bare all! Being half Indian and half Armenian (two of the hairiest populations on the planet), I recently underwent the dreaded Bikini Wax (not [...]


Bunny the Nympho Wants To Be a Princess!

Every little girl wants to be a princess, but I don’t *really* think marriage is Bunny’s bag. Or…well? I guess it depends on the Royal Family you marry into… Kate Middleton (or uh, sorry… Princess [...]