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Meet Braxton, Britney Spears’ Biggest Fan

Meet Braxton. He’s 7-years-old, loves Britney Spears, 92. 3 NOW and all of the other finer things in life, like human food, and Greenies. And did I mention Britney Spears?

10 hours ago

Photo: Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW

Ed Sheeran, Always A Fan, Recalls Pharrell’s Offer To Collaborate

“I’m a massive N.E.R.D. fan and Neptunes fan. I was like, ‘I’m going to go say hi to him.’ And he was like, ‘we should work together.’ And I said, ‘yes, yes Pharrell, we should!’”



Iggy Azalea Strives To Be “The New Classic” Of Her Generation

“We have our own classic and people will be nostalgic about us,” said Azalea.


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Niko’s Top 5 Places To Day Drink This Spring In NYC

Us real New Yorkers know how to avoid the snobby door-men and red velvet ropes so I’m letting you in on the secret.


(Photo: Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW)

Singer Guy Sebastian Explains His Minimalist Needs When It Comes To Music

Guy’s newest single, “Like a Drum,” is an attention grabber, so the singer came in to chat with 92.3 NOW’s DJ Niko about his unique writing process.


Niko (Photo: 92.3 NOW)

92.3 NOW’s DJ Niko Juices For Joy!

Wish me luck in my quest for a healthier lifestyle and make sure to update me on your progress as much as possible! ~Niko


(Photo: Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW

Rixton Talks “Make Out” Music Video & Next Single

Rixton, the UK boy-band composed of, Jake Roche, Danny Wilkin, Charley Bagnall and Lewi Morgan made a big debut with their music video for “Make Out.” The boys came in to talk to 92.3 NOW’s DJ Niko about the single’s success and their follow-up…


Singer Robin Thicke meets fans at The Box in NYC with 92.3 NOW FM. Photo: Joe Cingrana/CBS Radio

Robin Thicke Is Single and Ready To Mingle, Officially This Time

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton have split up which leaves Robin up for grabs… So start grabbin’ ladies!


(Photo: E.J. Judge/CBS Digital)

Hot Chelle Rae Talk New Single & Justin Bieber Shenanigans

Hot Chelle Rae, composed of brothers Ryan and Jaime Follese and Nash Overstreet, came in to talk about their new single as well as a little Bieber gossip.



How The Entire City Managed To Annoy Me & What I’m Doing About It

Yes, the weather is bad, and yes, my morning was terrible but lighten up New York City. Smile more, be aggravated less.