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Deport Justin Bieber, NOW?

In six days over 100,000 people have signed a petition that asks the United States government to deport Justin Bieber back to Canada ASAP. Is this really neccassary?


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Can We Please Give It Up For Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons?!

Macklemore, Mary Lambert, Madonna and Queen Latifah gave a superb performance on last night’s GRAMMYs but I don’t think it was the best of the night. Best moment, yes. But not best performance. ~Eutopia


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Get Fit With Eutopia and Jonny Manfre

This year, my New Year’s resolution was not to have one – but just to live a better life, period. Being the captain of #teamnosleep and a borderline hypochondriac, I tend not to take the greatest care of myself…


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Eutopia’s Top 3 Artists You Need To Look Out For In 2014: John Newman, Lorde & Childish Gambino

Here are Eutopia’s Top 3 artists you need to be on the lookout for in 2014!


92.3 NOW’s Eutopia Is the Vibe Vixen Of The Day For August 20!

I grew up on a straight Vibe, Honey, Vogue and O Magazine diet so when Vibe Vixen asked me to be their Vixen of the Day I think I died – twice. ~Eutopia


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Bey and Jay Have Made Their First “B,” Dr. Evil Disapproves

Beyonce and Jay-Z have officially become the music industry’s first BILLION dollar couple!


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Eutopia In the Crowd: P!nk Rocks The Izod Center (Set List)

I’ve been dying to see her live since watching her perform “Glitter In The Air” at the 52nd GRAMMYs in 2010. Seeing her fly through the air, without losing her breathe and not sing out of key – I couldn’t believe it and I had to see her do it live! ~Eutopia


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Lindsay’s Latest Shot Is Her Muggiest One Yet!

I’m hoping this is the last mugshot that we ever see of Lindsay. After watching ‘Freaky Friday’ for the millionth time this weekend, I’m hoping that this time rehab will help her get her act together!


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Lil Wayne Ain’t Dead, Relax!

If I see another R.I.P. Weezy tweet, I’m going to go bat krap krazy (yes with a k!).


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A Quick Look At Rihanna’s “Stay” Video

If you thought Rihanna’s video for “Diamonds” was stripped down, well, “Stay” is even MORE stripped down!