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Justin Bieber and the Tear ‘Em Down Culture

What does our/the police’s/the nation’s response to this debacle say about our relationship with celebrities? Let’s have a discush!


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Beyonce Got Me Wasted (In Love!)

The innanets was abuzz over last night’s Beyonce performance at the GRAMMYs. But not in the best way. There were a lot of mentions of the word “disgusting” and I’m genuinely confused about it. ~Sasha


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In Defense Of Justin Bieber and Kanye West: Boys Interrupted

I don’t need you to agree, just hear me out. I’m going to straight up defend Bieber and Kanye. Imma do it. For realsies, I think I may have some good points! I also promise not to use any egg puns… ~Sasha


Smash Your Funny Bone w/ 92.3 NOW’s Sasha at the People’s Improv Theater

Some of you have come to my shows (cause you’re the besticles!) and have said very sweet things! You guys convince everyone else to come and then it’ll be like a big party! ~Sasha


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EDM: The Little Genre That Could

I always think about music, it’s part of my awesome job. More specifically though, I’m thinking about dance music. ~Sasha


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If It’s Wrong To Love Kanye West, I Don’t Want To Be Right!

Kanye West recently stopped by our studios and had a little chat with our very own DJ Toro. And he dropped it (the TRUTHS) like it was hot! Let’s talk factuals, shall we? ~Sasha



Sasha Beat The Winter Blues With A New Hair Do & So Can You

I am the winter blues captain and I’m doing everything I can to work against that feeling. I’ll push it to the limit including chopping a foot of my hair off!


Judge, Jury & Executionsicles....

From Sasha, With Lovesicles: A Letter To NYC

Hi errone! Sasha here, serving jury duty and thinking about life and stuffsicles. Isn’t it crazy that there are so, so many people in this awesome city of ours but you can run into them in so many places? I’ll tell you what I mean (no, I’m not drunk!).


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Take A HoliDATE With Sasha In NYC

Sasha has tips on how to make your holiday date extra special.


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Sasha’s Top 3 Ways To Party For The Holidays

A blogsicles on how you can party to the max during the holidaysies!