Meet “The Walking Dead” Cast In L.A. w/ Ty Bentli’s “Our Love Is Dead”! Can You Last!?

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"I'll show you mine, if you show me yours..."

“I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours…”

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With The Walking Dead’s mid season premiere just around the corner, Ty Bentli is wanting to give the ultimate “Dead” fan the chance to not only MEET the cast, but fly them out to LA to attend the upcoming season premiere in the Fall! But there is one catch: You have to convince your significant other that “Our Love Is Dead”. Ah… Nothing says romance like zombies!

All week long Ty will be giving out a pair of passes to fly out to LA, attend the screening and meet/greet the entire cast. Do you think YOU can convince your partner that your love is dead?

Take a listen to this morning’s contestants:

Want to participate in “Our Love Is Dead”? All week day long at 7:10AM, just wait for Ty asks for caller 92, and you’ll have your chance!

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 - Bryan Carstensen/92.3NOW

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