Vegas’ Moonlite Bunny Ranch Owner Dennis Hof Invites Justin Bieber To His Brothel

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(Miguel Medina/AFP/Getty Images)

(Miguel Medina/AFP/Getty Images)

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By now we’ve all heard about Bieber’s little excursion to the Brazilian brothel over this past weekend… He left the brothel covered in sheets, trying to be secretive, but his tattoo was spotted and hence it had to be Bieber. We got in touch with the famed Dennis Hof, who owns a brothel called Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada, which was even featured in the show “Cat House” on Showtime.

Dennis shared with us how his brothel works. He explained that people come up to the brothel’s gate, ring the buzzer, and assuming the guy looks sober and nice, they let him in. The man is subsequently greeted by 20-35 girls standing there in pumps and big hair, and he can either pick a girl and immediately go to a room, or he can go to the bar. (The odds are REAL good for you at that bar, huh?!) Apparently, when you enter the Bunny Ranch, all marriages become “unknown.” The website for the Bunny Ranch,, even has a menu! You can spend a few hundred dollars, a few thousand dollars…even a few MILLION there. The typical girl works a week to 10 days per month and has a SIX FIGURE income.

Hof mentioned that he’s been to the Brazilian place Bieber spent time at this weekend. He said that it’s not the cleanest place and that Bieber should probably go to the doctor… Uh oh?! At the Bunny Ranch, they’re very safe and clean. The girls do a pre-screening and weekly tests to make sure they’re healthy. They also clean the sheets. But in Brazil, there’s OPTIONAL screening by the girl, and it’s most likely the girls are not going to spend money to get tested.

Bieber spent about three hours in the brothel! Hof said he could have hung with a bunch of girls, having been there that long. Hof offered Bieber a job as an “apprentice pimp.” The Bunny Ranch would be called Bieber’s Bunny Ranch… And it would probably have the motto “don’t steal the sheets,” according to Hof.

Do you think Bieber should take the invite? Do you think Ty should have his bachelor party there!?

–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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