I Can’t Believe I Dated _____! Ty Loves NY’s Dating Horror Stories

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Dating in NYC
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Some dates just aren’t what you expect them to be! Sometimes you just can’t believe you went on a date with *fill in the blank*… Maybe a married person… Or a second cousin?! Ty went to the Walker Stalker Convention over the weekend in Atlanta with Corri, and her co-worker/friend Laura Ortiz.

Laura was asked out by someone she thinks is homeless. She was at an audition and she went in with this taller, hipster-y looking model named Bryan. He said that he’d love to take her out sometime, but she said no thank you.

Then he asked why not! She lied and told him she had a boyfriend. Then, he asked the most unexpected question: is it forever? She said no it’s not forever. (Is this how a romantic comedy starts?!) He then said maybe they can stay friends and maybe he can eventually take her out for a cup of coffee.

But here’s why she thinks he’s homeless. First, he pulled out crumpled cash when he paid for his coffee. But, she crumples her cash too, because she’s so used to credit cards, so she disregarded that. But then he said he lives with his parents in Chatsworth (where a lot of porn is shot, by the way)… Because he has a baby… Who he sees every other weekend… Who’s name is Danger. When Laura asked why his name was Danger, he said because he was young (then he explained that by young he meant 24 or 25).

Side note: He said that when he has to come to LA he stays in a hotel room for a couple of days. But hotels are expensive in LA, and if he can’t afford to live in the city (Chatsworth is outside of LA), how can he afford a hotel room? He said that the previous day all the hotel rooms were booked so he stayed in his car. Laura realized he probably lives in his car, while his parents live in Chatsworth!

Maybe he’ll be a giant star one day based on his looks. Maybe he’ll win Laura over?

Have you ever gone on one of those “OMG I can’t believe it” dates? Leave a comment for the Ty Loves NY crew below!

–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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