Miley’s “Wrecking Ball” Gets The ’80s Treatment By NYC’s Dennis Cahlo and the Change

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There’s no denying it… Miley Cyrus‘ “Wrecking Ball” is a guaranteed winning record. It hits all the right emotional notes; Love loss, pain and heartbreak. So, it’s no surprise that everyone and their mothers (and grandmothers: see Betty White’s version) would want to get in on the cry-fest with their own versions. Unfortunately, no one out there can really come close to the powerful performance Miley gave on the song, nor match the imagery she provided in the racy video.

No one until local NYC band Dennis Cahlo and the Change… although this version of the song and video has a different kind of power behind it – the power of the ’80s!

We had a chance to speak with the artist himself over Facebook messenger this afternoon to find out just what was going through his mind when deciding to put this cover and video out to the world.

92.3 NOW: That’s not even a costume, Dennis. We’re pretty sure you wore that outfit all day.

Dennis Cahlo: “ALL DAY. I bought that earring at Mandees.”

92.3: We’re literally hunched over because of this video. How serious are you here? We’re not sure if we should be laughing.

DC: “When James takes his sunglasses off and looks directly into the camera, I lose it every time.”

92.3: Tell us why you did this to Miley’s song; what made you want to make this happen?

DC: “I was sitting around with my friend Warren one night who is a stand up comedian and he asked me if I had seen Miley’s “Wrecking Ball” video yet, as he was doing some material on it. I pulled it up and immediately fell in love with the song AND the video. I couldn’t believe she had the balls to do that. But I became completely obsessed with the track itself.”

92.3: OK So you’re actually into the song?

DC: “Yeah, I listened to it for a week straight and then thought ‘My god, this would have been a total hit in 1985 if Depeche Mode or Information Society did it.’ So I decided to record what I felt was the ‘original’ version of the track. The one that got lost somewhere in the ’80s and somehow resurfaced.”

92.3: A song is one thing, what made you go all out with the video?

DC: “When I told my bass player James the concept, he flipped out and started the treatment for the video. For a week I watched Annie Lennox performances and every video that creeped me out in the ’80s. So did James. Then we just got together and shot it in one night. Several thousand hits later… we’re here!”

92.3: Should we expect to see any more pop covers gone retro from you and the Change?

DC: “Honestly, I spent two and a half years writing and recording our latest album ‘Songs From The Sea (Of You and Of Me)…’ and this is the thing that’s getting attention. I love the internet.”

92.3: We do too… it’s brought us Chocolate Rain, Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That, Tron Guy… and now this craziness. We wish you the best of luck getting those hits!

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Because you love it so much, you can download the full song below:

–Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW

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