Ty Loves NY Takes On Lower East Side’s “Nightmare: Killers 2″ – Clowns, Carnage & More!

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NIghtmare: Killers2 (Image Jeff Eason)

NIghtmare: Killers2 (Image Jeff Eason)

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October: It’s the month of scares! From scary movie marathons to slutty Miley Cyrus costumes (yes, I’m sure we’ll be seeing men dressed as Miley… equally as scary!), October is easily one of the best months of the year for me! On top of all of those AMC scarefest marathons, I love getting my friends together and going to haunted houses!

When Ty Loves NY was presented with an invite to go to the Nightmare: Killers 2 haunted house in the Lower East Side, we jumped on the chance! I read the reviews, and heard some great things about it, so I was super excited! However what I didn’t know was that this was a haunted house in which you were given the option to get touched and seriously messed with. But it’s “go big or go home,” right?

So as Jason, Lala and I (Ty and Lulu went into a separate group) waited in line, I experienced a scary strange man watching me from afar. That just added to the tension. As we progressed to the front of the line, we were given an option to put red X’s on our foreheads. These marks let the ghouls inside the house know that we are alright with being TOUCHED.

Inside the house there were the usual spooks: dark corners and loud clangings. However, what separated this house apart from the others was that these ghouls were in fact old serial killers. Ranging from Charles Manson, John Wayne Gacy and even the Brett Easton Ellis character Patrick Bateman from American Psycho.

Inside the house, Lala and I were in the front of the group… And I happened to be victim of most of the killers! Not only were they taunting me, but a clown had no problems putting me inside of a trap door (you can’t make this up)! The entire experience lasted about 40 minutes, and was THE scariest haunted house I have ever been in!

This morning Greg, one of the men who works at Nightmares, called up:

So I recommend getting to 107 Suffolk Street, grabbing a group of friends (6-7 people), and getting your scare on! One thing I DON’T recommend (unless you like this type of thing) is taunting the killers right back. That is what I did, and boy… I had nightmares that night!

–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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