Zann Chats with Lorde About “Pure Heroine,” Cyber Bullying and Miley Cyrus

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Photo: Nadine Santos/92.3 NOW

Photo: Nadine Santos/92.3 NOW

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Lorde’s “Royals” has taken the world by storm. Unless you live under a bridge, you’ve heard and sang along to that catchy chorus numerous times already today. It’s a pop song, but not really. It’s certainly not EDM, hip hop, rock or an upbeat jam (yes, I used that as a joke). Lorde is none of the above. Yesterday (September 30) Lorde stopped by the studios at 92.3 NOW in NYC to chat with afternoon host Zann on the release date of her highly anticipated debut album, Pure Heroine.

We’ve just come off the high from the release blitzes of Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus. Is there anything that Lorde is looking to different than the rest of her pop peers?

“I mean I don’t know if it’s different than those people…” says Lorde. “I just write for myself and write things that mean something to me.”

With the mounting requests and downloads, Lorde knocked Miley Cyrus out of the top spot on the iTunes top 100. And she received tons of hate from #Smilers (the rabid Miley Cyrus fanbase) for it. But that hate didn’t detour her from having kind things to say.

“Well I think a lot of people want to attack Miley at the moment,” Lorde admits. “But I think the music is super good. I think it’s the most interesting thing that has happened in Pop at the moment and I think she’s a young woman that just wants to have fun and do her own thing. She’s an adult, she’s just, like, turned however old you have to turn to be an adult in this country so I think she’s having a good time and you can tell from that [Rolling Stone] article, there’s a freshness to it, which I think is cool. And she seems like a badass and I think it’s cool.”

Singer Lorde in studio at 92.3 NOW FM in NYC. Photo: Nadine Santos/92.3 NOW

Singer Lorde in studio at 92.3 NOW FM in NYC. Photo: Nadine Santos/92.3 NOW

Photos: Lorde In Studio

Though Lorde has kind things to say, how she is handling the bullying from the “#Smilers” and others via Twitter and Instagram?

“I don’t… I don’t really re-tweet them. I try not to, because it just fuels those people and they’re like ‘ph, we’ll get a rise out of her,’ or whatever… but I just retweet the ones that are super funny!”

Big kudos for Lorde on taking the high road! It’s no secret that she is a bit of an oddball that approaches music and how she deals with competition and hate very differently than other artists.

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–Zann, 92.3 NOW

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