Lessons In Lying: Improv Teacher Rick Andrews In Studio!

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Photo: 92.3 NOW

Photo: 92.3 NOW

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The truth has finally been revealed! This week Lulu and Lala were called out by Ty and Producer Jason for telling them a major lie. What was it? The twins have been taking an improv class and had a big final show coming up. Ty, Producer Jason and Phone Screener Bryan all wanted to go, but when they asked the twins the date of the show, they right lied to their faces!

Apparently they told the guys the wrong date because they were embarrassed and didn’t want them to come.

But Ty wouldn’t take that! So to get revenge, they asked the twins’ improv teacher, Rick Andrews from the Magnet Theater, to come to the studio without telling them.

How did that go down? Take a listen:

When Rick came, he made them do a few improv sketches for the guys to see in person! Sorry ladies, but you owed Ty, jason and Bryan some improv! In fact, Ty decided to join in himself.

Hopefully the twins have learned not to lie to us… Ty and Producer Jason will ALWAYS get the last laugh! In fact, Ty put Lala on the spot, revealing her secret crush on her improv teacher. #AWKWARD

–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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