U.K. Band Lawson Collaborate with B.o.B On “Brokenhearted”

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Although technically boys (they’re men – men that a certain 92.3 NOW DJ would like to do vulgar things to) and definitely a band, 92.3 NOW’s Zann sat down with Adam Pitts, Andy Brown, Joel Peat and Ryan Fletcher to find out a little bit more about the sexiest non-boy band on the scene.

We’ve all done it: Go ahead, Google your name. See what comes up.

For Lawson, a foursome of Liverpudlians who are enjoying the success of their single “Brokenhearted” featuring B.o.B, you can see that a few results come up which are a little misleading.

“There’s also a very famous woman chef back in the U.K. called Nigella Lawson,” Adam remembers. “That comes up a lot.”

A quick search also pulls up a law firm, a strip joint in California, a Japanese market and a “boy” band as Zann puts it.

“I think because of the way we look on a poster we get called a boy band, but we wouldn’t call ourselves that at all, really,” says Adam – although the band’s photos in Cosmo say otherwise.

Lawson met a long time ago, way back in the MySpace days. When the guys were just forming the band they remember how the site was useful for posting songs, but always used Facebook for keeping in touch.

“It was good for music though, ” says Andy. “Any song I’d write I’d think ‘well I can only put it one or two places – MySpace and YouTube’ – and that’s what I did.”

Photo: Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW

Photo: Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW

Photos: Lawson In Studio @ 92.3 NOW

Fast forward a few years and they found themselves in the studio with Mr. Bobby Ray.

“We were a little bit nervous about meeting him,” Andy said of B.o.B. “We had never collaborated with anyone before. Obviously someone of that stature, you’d think they might have a persona or a bit of an ego but he wasn’t like that at all. He was so down to earth.”

“He came over to London and played a show with us as well,” Adam added. “We were just chilling backstage drinking out of a pineapple.”

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One artist they think might need to take it down a notch, is Lady Gaga.

“As much as I lover her, Lady Gaga’s new videos.” Ryan said. “You know, I watched it the other day and after I finished watching it I was so confused. We love her though, she’s an awesome artist but I was so lost and confused.”

Watch Lawson’s “Brokenhearted” featuring B.o.B below:

Keep Up With Lawson:

–Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW

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