Mike Posner Opens Up About His New Album ‘Pages’

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Mike Posner‘s hit debut single “Cooler Than Me” was first released back in 2010“Please Don’t Go” and the release of his first album, 31 Minutes To Take Off, quickly followed as did the release of a few mix tapes before and in between. He’s also given us some amazing covers over the years, taking on Coldplay’s “the Scientist” and Adele’s “Rolling In the Deep,” among others.

He’s stopped by to hang out and perform for our listeners so many times over the years, it’s about time we asked security to give Mike his own ID card here at 92.3 NOW. One of our favorite visits from Mike was when he grabbed as many people as he could find in the hallways of the CBS Radio offices in NYC and threw an impromptu listening party in one of the studios. Since then he’s performed at two of our annual One Night Stand concerts (once as headliner and last year he came back to jump on stage with his boy Sammy Adams), toured with Justin Bieber and collaborated with some of the biggest names in the business – including Lil WayneJustin BieberCher Lloyd and most recently, U.K. producer-turned-artist Labrinth.

“Labrinth and I have known each other for years. Before he started out as an artist he was writing with me for my stuff,” says Mike. “So I used to go to London… to his studio to work with him. He’s such a huge producer there and he’s a huge artist there too now – one day he said ‘you know I really want to do a song for me’ and I wasn’t writing for other people, I was focused on me. So I said ‘Cool, let’s do it.’ The next day we wrote ‘Beneath Your Beautiful.’ It’s one of my favorite songs I’ve been a part of.”

These days, Mike is back in writing and recording mode. Quite literally in that order; the concept for his next album, Pages, focuses on what he’s been jotting down in a notebook he’s been carrying around everywhere he goes.

(Photo: E.J. Judge, CBS Local

(Photo: E.J. Judge, CBS Local

PHOTOS: Mike Posner & His Notebook In Studio w/ Toro

The first single off of Mike’s Pages, “The Way It Used To Be” is an uptempo track that Mike says is “just a fun, fun song. Strong melodies… and it’s about the girl that got away.”

“My album is called ‘Pages’ because I write all my songs, and my poems and my goals in life in this notebook. So I titled the album ‘Pages,’” Mike says, “because it’s really just a few pages from my notebook that turned into the album.”

“I write letters, sometimes,” Mike explains. “When I jump off the stage I feel like there’s no way for me to really repay what I’ve got and I feel so grateful and blessed – so I try to just say ‘thank you. ‘ Sometimes I write a letter to the city, to the fans and I post that on Twitter.”

Right now there is no schedule for the release of Pages, but Mike is looking forward to a late fall date.

“I will tell you this,” hints Posner. “A lot of people that I’ve written and produced for have returned the favor!”

Keep an eye out for Mike in your town; he’ll be the special guest on Ke$ha‘s upcoming tour! There’s a full list of dates here.


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