Selena Gomez Preps For Her World Tour, Chats With Zann About Future Plans

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Sydney Holmes
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Photos: Selena Gomez Performs @ The Box, NYC
Photos: Selena Gomez Meets Fans @ The Box, NYC

Selena Gomez has a big year ahead of her. From her new album “Stars Dance” to her first world tour, this 21 year-old kind of makes the rest of the young adults of the world wonder what they’re doing with their lives.

When Selena performed for our Money Can’t Buy Experience, she also took some time to chat with Zann about her new, more mature outlook on life.

“I think overall it’s just been really fun for me to experience growing up and experiencing different things from love, to friendship, to just figuring it out,” Gomez said. “I’m in my twenties now, for goodness sake. I think the most important thing is being able to figure out and be comfortable in my skin as a woman.”

Selena has managed to balance her work life and new developments in her personal life. Namely, welcoming a new family member!

“I’m a big sister now, so I’ve just been being a big sister,” she said. “I’ve definitely been just obsessed with her and that’s my main focus.”

Gomez said most of her time is being spent getting in shape for her tour, and while she loves all of her songs, she has a special connection a few of them.

“I really like to perform ‘Who Says,’” she said. “I just think it’s just a great moment for me and my fans. It’s such an inspirational song lyrically. I feel a really powerful connection between me and my fans when I perform that song.”

Selena has separated herself from her young, hot Hollywood counterparts in a few ways. Mostly, she has mad herself a great role model to young girls by staying out of the club scene and putting forth a sweet, wholesome image, which is exactly what she said she wants to do.

“I would just want to know that every single thing that has happened to me, basically the world already knows,” she said. “So, I feel like if I handle myself with as much class and as much grace and just be confident–that’s what I want to leave behind. I want to make sure that whenever [my fans] go through something they know how to handle turning the other cheek. That’s what I’ve always been taught. Don’t retaliate, give good energy, and just be a good person. That’s all I really want to be.”

–Sydney Holmes/92.3 NOW

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