Enrique On His New Single, Collab-ing With Miley Cyrus & Amanda Bynes and Twerking

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Sydney Holmes
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Enrique Iglesias has come a long way since his 1999 “Rhythm Divine” days (don’t even pretend like you didn’t love it), and now he’s ready to release his newest single, “Turn The Night Up.”

There is a point in the song, Enrique said, when one certain phrase rises to prominence.

“I always walk around my house saying, ‘Gimme some of that.’” he said. “Like around my girlfriend. Like gimme anything. If I’m hungry, I say, ‘Gimme some of that.’ If I’m horny, I say ‘Gimme some of that.’ So I go to the studio, and I kept on saying that phrase, and we wrote a song around it.”

Enrique just released the album artwork for “Turn The Night Up” via Twitter, and fans have gotten #TurnTheNightUp to trend! Pretty devoted fan base!

“Turn The Night Up” was the dark horse of the album, Iglesias said. At first, he wasn’t even sure the song should be on the album at all. But in typical Enrique swag, he was the hero.

“It’s one of those crazy songs that you write and you think, ‘Oh, this could be either good or bad, but if I can pull off the vocals, it could actually have something,’” he said. “I went into the studio, wasn’t really planning for it to be the first single, and it ended up being the first single.”

Photo: Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW

Photo: Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW

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The soulful Latino said looking back to the first time he heard himself on the radio in 1995 in Mexico, he would have never thought his career would have taken such interesting and major turns.

“If you would’ve asked me back then if I was gonna be here now and still being able to write music and make albums,” he said. “I would’ve told you you were absolutely nuts, there’s no way. I can’t believe it. I’m so lucky.”

Iglesias also said he’d love to collaborate with Miley Cyrus (but, he’d even consider Amanda Bynes!), maybe even at the cost of him learning how to twerk. Even this far into his career, Enrique said he still grows and has moments of evolution (twerking or otherwise) within his music–especially in this new song.

“It’s a little out there when you listen to it,” Iglesias said. “Like, there’s moments when you’re like, ‘OK, it’s Enrique,’ but there’s moments when you’re like, ‘Whoa! What did he do?’”

–Sydney Holmes/92.3 NOW

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