Avicii Explains “Wake Me Up,” Tells What To Expect On New Album

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Swedish DJ/Producer Tim Bergling, aka Avicii, surprised EDM freaks and uber-fans alike this past March when he dropped what some heard as a “country” song during his high profile set at the Ultra Music fest in Miami. When Avicii stopped by the 92.3 NOW studios in NYC to chat with DJ Toro, he put to rest that “country” talk and explained that we’ll be hearing an eclectic mix on his upcoming album.

Avicii’s new single, “Wake Me Up” featuring Aloe Blacc, is already killing it worldwide on the charts. But there’s no denying the difference between his latest single and say, “Levels.”

“It all went pretty organic,” says Avicii. “I didn’t plan for it to be different or anything like that. I was already working on a track with Mike Einziger from Incubus. We kind of got this chord progression going and we came up with the whole melody for the vocal. But we didn’t have anyone to sing it, we didn’t have any lyrics or anything like that… so I called Aloe because I was working on another track with him.”

As odd as the musical pairing of EDM and “country” may seem, this was actually somewhat planned out.

“The country aspect of it I don’t really feel, if anything I feel it’s more like folk music. That was more what we were playing around with in the beginning – but when we first did it I wasn’t even sure if I was going to use the guitar in the song. All of that came after because we all fell in love and got accustomed to the guitar and that vibe. It was really energetic, a Summer vibe throughout. So that’s why we decided to keep that in it.”

Come September, Avicii will be releasing his new album, “True.” Should we expect more of the folky flavor?

“It’s really hard to say what you can expect from ‘True’,” laughs Avicii. “Every track is different, it’s kind of like a mixture between other genres and a lot of other influences together with House music and electronic music and stuff that I’ve been playing around with. I’ve worked with so many different collaborators on this project.”

Photo: E.J. Judge/CBS Local

Photo: E.J. Judge/CBS Local

PHOTOS: Avicii In Studio @ 92.3 NOW

Aside from keeping busy in the studio, Avicii has also been busy with his House For Hunger project, which has already raised over $2.5 million to help feed the hungry.

“I started House For Hunger with my manager about two years ago and we work together to feed America. We try to include it anywhere we can. In Miami during Ultra Music week, we had an Avicii hotel (with Avicii soap, towels and paintings) – and then we sold all of that stuff in the rooms, with all of the profits going to House For Hunger. We try to do something like  that everywhere we go.”

Keep your eyes and ears open for more music from Avicii and be sure to pick up “True” this September.

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