Battle of The Boroughs: Brooklyn Vs Long Island– For Mariah Carey in Central Park!

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The Ty Loves NY crew decided to hand out tickets to go see Mariah Carey in Central Park!

But there was one small catch in order to win them: You had to prove you are smart enough to rep your borough! All you had to do is listen to find out if your borough is being represented, call up, and compete to answer as many questions out of 5 as you can!

So what two boroughs were pitted against each other this morning? Brooklyn versus Long Island! Hailing from Manhattan was Tommy who took on Melody from Long Island.

Which borough representative do you think had the pop culture skills to score those baseball tickets ? Find out which lucky person won below:

Would you have been able to get all five right? Try them out for size below:

  1. LeBron James spent some of his free time by rapping his own lyrics toThe Throne‘s “Paris”…although LeBron is not normally recognized for his lyrical skills…after ending the season with another ring, what sport do MOST of us know King James for?
  2. Hugh Jackman is not the only famous dad whose kids hate the paparazzi…what Dad might want to hire more security for his daughter, Suri, after she and Katie Holmes were caught on-camera in a very tense situation with photogs?
  3. A super-eligible female is now off-the-market again, but only after making her ex promise to (quote) “Stop acting like a d-bag”…meaning Justin Bieber can’t pee in mop buckets, speed-racer around neighborhoods or wear a gas-mask to the mall… unless he wants THIS singer to dump him again…
  4. This reality star may have been making a pre-emptive strike on the “post-breakup sexiness”…she’s been spotted looking better than ever around Los Angeles this week, even though her husband, Lamar Odom, has been looking more and more guilty of cheating on this former X-Factor host..
  5. After being humiliated while wearing her crown and sash, then detained and denied a phone call or restroom.. Miss Westchester and her mother are suing WHAT group for $210 million???
  1. Basketball
  2. Tom Cruise
  3. Selena Gomez
  4. Khloe Kardashian
  5. Derek Jeter

Did you get them right? Although Brooklyn came out on top of Long Island, it was a neck and neck Battle today.  Tommy walked away with some tickets to see Mariah Carey perform in Central Park!

Battle of the Boroughs will be back next week with two brand new contestants to rep for their borough and, it could be you! Listen to Ty Loves NY at 6AM-10AM every week day morning to listen for your chance to call up and win!

-Intern Marisa, 92.3 NOW

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