Timeflies Talks Past, Present & Future In Studio With Toro

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Timeflies In Studio w/ Toro & Zann
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Pop/hip-hop duo Timeflies made a pit stop at the 92.3 NOW studios after playing a sold out show at the Highline Ballroom in NYC to discuss the group’s past, present and future with Toro who recently featured them in his Battle of The Beats feature against Emblem3.

New York and New Jersey natives, vocalist/freestyler Cal Shapiro and beat mastermind Rob ‘Rez’ Resnick received recognition for their music via YouTube for their Timeflies Tuesday track covers.

Photos: Timeflies In Studio With Toro

Although the duo both attended Tufts University in Boston, they met at a party over a couple of beers while Cal was drunkenly spiting some rhymes to Rez’s beat boxing.

“He’s like, ‘yo I got this six piece funk band with no singer. Why don’t you come down and kick it?’ So I came down we played a little ‘Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City’ and ‘I Got Hoes,’” said Cal. “Next thing I know he’s like, ‘look at this beat, why don’t you kick something over that?’ We did that, put it on a blog and then started calling ourselves Timeflies… and here we are.”

Despite being a bit tipsy, Rez’s intuition was spot on.

“When he was free styling at the party I was like dude we have something right now,” said Rez.

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Their debut single, ‘I Choose U,’ off their “One Night” EP, which reached NO. 2 on the overall iTunes chart and was NO. 1 on the iTunes Pop chart within 24 hours of its release, has just dropped.

“We’re working on the full album, which we’re pretty stoked about. We got a lot of tracks in the works and a lot more that should be in the works,” said Rez.

Being a major musical group who were discovered on Youtube, Toro asked the Timeflies guys to give aspiring artists some advice on how to break into the biz.

“It’s the easiest it’s ever been. If you’re making dope stuff, put it out. People will vibe on it and show it to their friends,” said Rez.

At a time when the Internet has made getting your original material out into the public eye so much easier, there’s no reason not to get that exposure for yourself.

“It’s harder and easier because there is so much more but if you do it, don’t over think things. We over thought things forever and never put anything out and our manager threw something at a blog while we were putting up a fight about it,” said Cal. “Be proud of what you do and put it out. Don’t hide it away from people, ’cause then you’ll never have a shot.”

Timeflies’ single is available for download on iTunes. And don’t forget to catch their performance at the Skate And Surf Festival in Freehold, NJ on Saturday, May 18th.

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-Maria Bonello, 92.3 NOW/NYC

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