Snoop Lion Clears The Air About His 4/20 Party Bust

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Photo: Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW

Photo: Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW

Ty Ty Bentli
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Rumors have been circulating that Snoop Lion‘s 4/20 party in Hollywood, California was shut down by the police, before the rapper even arrived.

During his visit to the 92.3 NOW studios, Snoop took the opportunity to clear the air about the false statements with Ty Bentli, host of the “TY Loves NY” morning show.

“The Police tried to shut the party down. Then once I got there we had a conversation with the police and they allowed the party to continue, because it was a holiday; It was an international holiday – 4/20,” said Snoop.

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“My partner pulled him [the police chief] to the side. He was a great, great chief and he was willing to understand. We just trying to party chief. We doing a millon other things, we just trying to smoke and have a good time. And the chief was like, ‘save me a couple of blizys and I’ll let y’all have your party.’ So we did that,” joked Snoop.

Photos: Snoop Lion In Studio w/ Ty Bentli

Luckily the rapper avoided any type of damage to his record, and claims that all his guests were in tip-top shape anyway.

“We all had our license and everybody was legit and the police went on by their way. We had a great time. It continued on until the break of dawn,” said Snoop.


-Maria Bonello, 92.3 NOW/NYC

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