Ed Sheeran Talks Tattoos, Red Tour, 1D & Moving To Nashville

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Photo: Joe Cingrana/CBS Radio

Photo: Joe Cingrana/CBS Radio

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Ty Bentli, host of the “Ty Loves New York” morning show, ran into Ed Sheeran backstage at City Winery in SOHO, NYC where they discussed tattoos, touring, One Direction and Ed’s move to Nashville.

Sheeran began his tattoo sleeve at the age of 18 with a paw print on his forearm. Since the launch of his career, he has been marking his touring achievements by getting a new tattoo in every city he visits. The most recent addition is a the kiwi bird he got in New Zealand.

With a total of 27 tattoos, Sheeran gives Ty the rundown of some of his most prominent tats, which includes puss in boots, angel wings, a maple leaf, a drawing by his idol pop musician Damien Rice and the word “Red” for the Taylor Swift Red tour.

“It’s all memories of what’s happened in my career so far. It might look like gibberish to you,” said Sheeran.

But before Sheeran shared the stage with Taylor, he hung out with boy band phenomenon One Direction before they were famous and gave them two songs he had written.

“I’ve been hanging out with them probably about 6 months before everything went nuts with them in England. That was probably a year before everything went nuts for them in America and they were just looking for songs,” he said. “I had a demo tape of lots of songs I was shipping around to publishers to get them on other people’s records.”

tyedsheeran 2013 06 Ed Sheeran Talks Tattoos, Red Tour, 1D & Moving To Nashville

‘Ty Loves NY’s’ Phone Screener Bryan, Ty & Producer Jason
w/ Ed Sheeran
Photo: Joe Cingrana/CBS Radio

Photos: Ed Sheeran With TY Bentli @ City Winery NYC

Sheeran recently moved to a city full of demo tapes and talented musicians – Nashville, TN – that his tourmate Taylor also calls home.

“Her dad was actually one of the main people that hooked up the house for us, which is cool,” said Sheeran.

If this is raising any red flags for those of you who are die hard fans, don’t worry Sheeran’s label has already warned him to steer clear of any country influence in his music claiming “That is actually my label’s worst nightmare.”

However, this may help develop his writing abilities as Sheeran looks up to country songwriters.

“Country writers are the best writers on the planet. They write the best songs,” said Sheeran.

Once the Red tour comes to a close in September, Sheeran will be right back in the studio after a two year tour of his own to make new music.

“I’ve just come off my own tour. I had a two year tour of mine. I think it’s going to be healthy to step back and make another album after the Red tour,” he said.

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