Are You The Smartest Person In NY? Adam Levine On Marriage, Celebrity Pranks & More!

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Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

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The ‘Ty Loves NY’ crew is getting into the prize closet and handing out tons of concert tickets! Between Six Flags, Taylor Swift, Kesha/Pitbull and UniverSoul Circus tickets the crew has a bit of everything.

But there was one small catch in order to win them: You have to prove that you are the Smartest Person In NY! Answer five questions right, and those tickets are yours! Sounds easy, right? Ty makes it just a bit difficult! You gotta work for those tickets!

Marina was knocked out of the competition yesterday, which meant there was time for a brand new Smartest Person! Hailing from West New York, NJ is the West New York Tiger’s cheer coach, Linda! Can she do it big on her first outing? Or will John from Rockaway, NY, steal her crown and win some concert tickets?

Find out which lucky person won:

Would you be able to get all five right? Try them out for size below:

  1. This legendary Los Angeles Laker (now Los Angeles Dodgers-owner) is supportive and proud of his 20-year-old son who recently stepped out in public for the first time wth his boyfriend…
  2. This pop singer pulled an April Fool’s prank on paparazzi by posting TMZ’s toll-free tip hotline and promising to take calls from all 36.9 million of his Twitter followers…
  3. This Rover star was recently seen partying around Hollywood without his other half, Kristen Stewart, after spending two months filming his new movie in Australia…
  4. This Maroon 5 frontman recently revealed that he’s in no rush to get married – asking “Why couldn’t we learn from the devastatingly low percentage of successful marriages?”
  5. This train-wreck from Long Island, whose notorious partying has landed her in rehab tweeted “Its official.  Pregnant…” just hours after April Fools Day ended in NYC.


  1. Magic Johnson
  2. Justin Bieber
  3. Robert Pattinson
  4. Adam Levine
  5. Lindsay Lohan

Did you get them right? Smartest Person Linda scored a 4 out of 5, while John scored the same!! So that means Linda will be back tomorrow, and John scored tickets to Six Flags!

The Smartest Person In NY will be back tomorrow with a brand new contestant,  it could be you! Do you want to try your hand at the competition? If you feel you’re the Smartest Person in NYC make sure to click here! And don’t forget to listen to Ty Loves NY at 6AM-10AM every week day morning! 

Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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