MKTO Talks New Single “Thank You” and Debut Album In Studio With Toro

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Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller of the hip-hop/pop fusion group MKTO stopped by the 92.3 NOW studios to discuss their new single, “Thank You,” and what we can expect from their upcoming album with Resident Mixer Toro.

The two met on the set of the television show “Gigantic” on TeenNick back in 2010, where they played best friends.

In between takes, the guys would make YouTube videos of themselves doing covers. And now as real life best friends are signed to Columbia Records.

MKTO In Studio

MKTO In Studio. Photo: Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW

Photos: MKTO In Studio With DJ Toro

“We did a couple of covers on YouTube and they [current producers] saw that and they loved it. They liked the vibe and they liked what we were trying to do. They just happened to be looking for that same rapper/singer kind of duo. It was all luck. The right time and it just all came together,” said Tony.

Just like some of you, DJ Toro was wondering what MKTO stands for?

Apparently it’s a a twofer – it stands for Malcolm Kelley Tony Oller as well as Misfit Kids Total Outcasts.

“We were the outcast growing up and we were the misfits. There is nohing wrong with that so we figured that’d be a double meaning for that – not only our name title, but what we were doing on the record,” said Tony.

Although acting and singing may go “hand-in-hand” as Malcolm mentioned, the duo will be focusing on their music for the time being.

As they should with their single “Thank You,” receiving over 8 million views on VeVo.

“Thank You is a song we wanted to do speaking about our generation and what is really going on right now. Every generation has a song. We’re not trying to say this is the song, but it’s a story and we wanted to talk about what is going on right now. Thank you is a sarcastic way of saying you know what,” said Tony.

Fans are going absolutely insane over the duo during shows especially the ladies.

“They’ve been going crazy man. I had to give a girl my shirt,” said Malcolm.

Tony has noticed that MKTO has some touchy-feely fans.

“If you go off to the side and people are standing there, they start screaming. They always go after your legs. These are some chicken legs, but if you want to touch them go ahead. I feel like Bieber up there,” said Tony.

Their currently untitled, upcoming debut album features a ton of great collaborations and beats.

“We got Ne-Yo on the record – a dope song. Max Martin and his team. We have a track from them which is pretty dope. We got to write on it as well. It’s a great sounding album. I can’t wait for the world to hear it,” said Malcolm.

Tony and Malcolm are constantly on the move either in the studio recording or performing for their fans.

“We about to go to Australia. We’re going over seas now… it’s just all happening so quick,” said Malcolm.

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-Maria Bonello, 92.3 NOW/NYC

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