Dirty On The Dos: Amanda Bynes’ Tweet, Joe Jonas’ Sex Tape & Is Lindsay Lohan Rehab-Free?

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In 2008, Jonas was in a high-profile relationship with country pop singer Taylor Swift. Think you found the false Joe Jonas fact? CLICK HERE!
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Another day, another pile of celebrity dirt. It’s time to catch you up on all the celebrity gossip first thing in the AM so you can be in the know before all of your friends!

Today we’ve got the latest dirt on everything from Amanda Bynes and her downward spiral on Twitter, Joe Jonas and his downward spiral on a supposed sex tape, and is Lindsay Lohan smarter than we thought!?

Let’s get it started!

Does Joe Jonas Have A Sex Tape? Rumors Say YES, But He Says NO!

This might be the second coming of the sex tape era. First there was Kim Kardashian, this time around… Joe Jonas? Ok, not exactly! But supposedly there is a sex tape floating around of Joe Jonas and his Swiss girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler, which will be released early next month.

The sex tape was supposedly set up BY his girlfriend, who is hoping it would help trigger a Kim Kardashian-type of career. The tape is said to be filmed in a Buenos Aires hotel room, where the two are drinking, smoking weed, and performing sex acts with all sorts of BDSM toys.

Blanda is said to be orchestrating the entire leak, and once it DOES come out, she will act devastated as though it was a total invasion of her privacy. She’s not so bland after all eh?

Joe denied the entire thing yesterday though, sending out one tweet to shut the world up:

I mean, let’s be honest: this is the same man who once wore a chastity ring!

Amanda Bynes

Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Amanda Bynes Tweets Drake Love, But In A Not So Normal Way!

It seemed that Joe Jonas wasn’t the only person to hash their feelings out on Twitter yesterday. Amanda Bynes took to the site to express her strange feelings once again, but this time she took things to a whole new level. We have been getting accustomed to seeing random “Byne-isms” on her Twitter account (pictures of socks for one), but check out her Tweet to Drake, which was re-tweeted over 6,500 times in one hour:

Was she Twitter-hacked? After her odd behavior over the past couple of years (locking herself in and talking to herself in dressing rooms), all signs point to her cracking even more. But at the same time, I don’t even know if this IS Amanda Byne’s Twitter! It hasn’t been verified, but that could just be a sign that even Twitter doesn’t want a piece of the Bynes.

I miss those Nickelodeon days! Just “Ask Ashley“!

Photo by Reed Saxon - Pool/Getty Images

Photo by Reed Saxon – Pool/Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan Is Smarter Than We Think: Might Get Out Of Rehab!

When Lindsay appeared in court this week (which she was almost an hour late!), she came in pretty confident. Other than looking a mess (hot doesn’t even constitute her anymore), she not only told her lawyer she would kill him, but she smirked at  her sentence: 90 days at a locked in rehab in NY.

Why did she smirk? Because there are NO lock-down rehab facilities in NY! She is one smart cookie. So that means not only will she be put into jail for the supposed 90 days, but as with any LiLo jail sentence, that means she will be out in two hours.

She gets away with EVERYTHING! Dammit, let’s get a reddish-blonde wing, drink 1 liter of vodka a day and we will get away with ANYthing we do desire! Than again… maybe that’s a bad idea.

–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3NOW

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