Dirty On The Dos: Same Sex Marriage Support Grows, Selena Gomez LOL’s @ Justin Bieber & More!

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Another day, another pile of celebrity dirty. It’s time to catch you up on all the celebrity gossip first thing in the AM so you can be in the know before all of your friends!

Today we’ve got the latest dirt on everything from Selena Gomez laughing her booty off at Justin Bieber’s fashion, Obama AND Clint Eastwood fight for support of same-sex marriage, and more!

Let’s get it started!

Selena Gomez LOL’s At Ex Justin Bieber’s Fashion??

Happy Birthday Justin Bieber! For his birthday he’s going to be celebrating ala Circus theme, which will feature a ringmaster and..clowns *shiver*!

On Tuesday, Bieber showed off his clown-y costume, with a spikey hat, hipster glasses, and lavender leopard-print diaper pants in London. According to HollywoodLife.com, his ex Selena Gomez finds his outfit completely embarrassing. They are also saying that if it’s a revenge-outfit, than he just made himself look stupid!

“She hasn’t laughed harder in a very long time…she was embarrassed for him.”

Selena on the other hand has been looking absolutely amazing, post-break up with Justin Bieber. She’s been showing more skin and lots of cleavage, and has a new movie coming out called Spring Breakers, which will help her shed that Disney girl image.

“It is often the case that after a break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, we are much more heightened to wanting to look our best, our sexiest, and our most inviting.”

To check out Bieber’s fashion (mistake) head here.

Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Clint Eastwood Tosses In Name For Support Of Same Sex Marriage

You can add Clint Eastwood to the growing list of Republicans who support of gay marriage. The longtime Republican/Liberterian is perhaps the biggest name yet to sign the brief, and he hasn’t exactly been shy in the past about his views: He told GQ in 2011 that he doesn’t “give a f*** about who wants to get married to anybody else” and that instead of “all this bulls*** about ‘sanctity,’” we should “just give everybody the chance to have the life they want.” Last year he told Ellen that his attitude is “part of the Libertarian idea: Leave everybody alone.”

Obama’s administration also ramped up its fight in support of gay marriage yesterday as well, particularly against Proposition 8 in California. “Tradition, no matter how long established, cannot by itself justify a discriminatory law,” it says. “Prejudice may not be the basis for differential treatment under the law.”


--Bryan Carstensen, 92.3NOW

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