Customer Service 101: Whiners Never Win… Or Do They?

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Customer Service
Phone Screener Bryan Bryan
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The battles that wage over customer service relations are heated, angry, and can be emotionally scaring causing rifts between the customer and the service provider forever. Profanities can fly, people can cry, and management can get involved, which never leads to a universally happy ending.

Today on “Ty Loves NY,” Ty fumes about how Starbucks has not only ripped him off by giving, at best, a half-sized lemon loaf but by defended their service and saying they didn’t do anything wrong and that they provided the best quality product they had.

You can judge for yourself by going to Instagram to see photographic evidence.

Left side - Normal size / Right side - Sad end piece

Left – Normal size / Right – Sad end piece

Regardless, isn’t the customer always right? Apparently not, at least that’s how Starbucks feels. So how is one to fix this injustice? The answer seems to be by complaining and ultimately getting something for free.

Calls came flooding in as listeners wanted to share their experiences, troubles, and triumphs.

Jackie wanted to get her story in and share her experience:

Meghan called in saying that complaining can go a long way:

The expression says that whiners never win and winners never whine. I say nay! Sometimes to get what you want, there is no other option but to demand better service and, yes, complain! What do you think?

–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3NOW

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