The Great Nanny Debate: Are You Less Of A Parent If You Hire A Nanny? And Snooki’s Surprising Answer…

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Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW

Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW

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Nannies are becoming increasingly common; with busy schedules, who has time for the whining and complaining? Friday (February 22nd) on Ty Loves NY,  Ty revealed that he feels a strong obligation as a soon-to-be parent to go through all of the trials and challenges of earning his stripes.   Rosie – filling in for the Twins – completely disagreed with Ty – she’ll be busy as a working woman and says that a nanny allows her to do everything she aspires to and still spend quality time with the kids.

As great as a nanny sounds, there is zero chance of employing Mary Poppins – mostly because she isn’t real, and her obligation on Broadway just ended. The likelihood of hiring a messy, mistake-prone and prying caretaker like Fran Drescher’s character on “The Nanny” is always a scary thought!  Plus, there is no guarantee that your nanny won’t be a psychotic killer, like the Manhattan murdering Yoselyn Ortega. Listeners’ opinions varied with some solidly agreeing with Ty and others coming to the defense of Rosie.

Courtney called to tell Rosie that its those little things that she wants to hire a nanny for, are important and makes the parent!

Lisa, however, agrees with Rosie and believes that having some help can only benefit the kids.

Thankfully we got an actual nanny (no flying umbrella included though) to call in and drop all the details:

But what about Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, who just had a little meatball of her own recently with her man Gianni? Would SHE use a nanny?

“With my hard work schedule and if Gianni didn’t have his own business where he made his own hours, we’d probably need somebody to watch the baby.” said Nicole. “If I didn’t have Gianni or we didn’t live with his parents, then we would probably need some help,” she continued.

“But I would probably get one of my best friends to do it, I don’t trust some random person. That’s weird.”

Yet the question remains, to hire a nanny or not to hire a nanny? Does it really take a village to raise a child? Put in your opinion by commenting on the debate below!

–Intern Chris, 92.3 NOW

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