Krewella Discuss ‘The Krew Life’ In Studio With DJ Toro

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Krewella in studio @ 92.3 NOW. Photo: Joe Cingrana/CBS Radio

Krewella in studio @ 92.3 NOW. Photo: Joe Cingrana/CBS Radio

Maria Bonello
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Krewella, the EDM trio from Chicago consisting of sisters Jahan & Yasmine Yusef and Kris Trindl (aka Rain Man), made a pit stop at the 92.3 NOW studios while on their Play Hard Tour to discuss how the group came to be with resident mixer DJ Toro.

“Well I popped out of my mother’s womb and Jahan was like what’s up baby? We’re gonna be musicians one day,” said Jasmine jokingly.

Rain Man – the more somber member of the Krew – interjects with this version of how the three came together.

“We all went to the same high school. We actually met – I used to play in metal bands, guitar hardcore bands and I meet Jahan. She was kind of like a groupie,” he said.

Unsatisfied with Chris’ response Jahan quickly interrupts him and said “But not really.”

Chris quickly said, “Yeah really, but not really.” Hmmm… sorry, I’m not sorry moment? Awkward!

Photos: Krewella In Studio with DJ Toro

Rain Man frequently threw parties at his Chicago apartment, where he had a habit of locking himself in a room to make music while everyone else was partying.

“One night I just busted open the room and [asked]what are you doing? – He was making beats. It started off as a drunkin’ musical studio session and from there we just started. We tried out a couple of other girls ‘cause we decided we wanted to start a group. Then Yasmin fell into our lap. We stole her from her indie band actually,” said Jahan.

Having been together for about three years, it was becoming difficult for the Krew to juggle being in school, working odd jobs and still setting aside time to focus on making music.

“There was even a point when some of us were working full-time and in school full-time. Whatever time we had left was dedicated to Krewella, but finally after a few years we just couldn’t handle it anymore. In the end our real passion was making music so we decided to quit school, [and] quit our jobs,” said Jahan.

That decision was made on 6/8/10 – the date that Jahan mentions is tattooed on her and Yasmine’s necks – after sitting down with their manager. It was time for Krewella to become their first priority.

Sisters – Yasmine and Jahan – wrote a letter to their father via email informing him of their decision rather than telling him in person.

“It was a hard thing to do just ‘cause he really wanted us to go to school and have this be more of a side line thing. Our parents were very skeptical – they are always so supportive, but they are very skeptical because you don’t know what’s going to happen. That’s your kid who’s not going to pursue the future that you think is the best route for them. But they are our number one fans now,” said Yasmine.

Since the three dropped their busy schedules and focused on Krewella, the group has received a lot of national attention with their trippy music video for the single “Killin It” off the Play Hard EP, which was released this past summer via beatport and iTunes.

Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW

Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW

Photos: Krewella In Studio with DJ Toro

The krew has also performed at many prominent dance clubs in California as well as dance festivals including the Global Dance Festival 2012 and their first NYC show was at the iconic Webster Hall back in May 2012 during the long running Girls And Boys party with The Crystal Method and Alex English.

The Krew unanimously agrees that going mainstream isn’t a bad thing like most people think. Having their songs played on a Top 40 radio station and getting sponsorships is just apart of the business.

“This whole dance music movement - the rave movement – is all about love so when people talk about selling out and just like being too accessible it defeats the purpose of the whole idea of the love thing. I mean if you’re a fan of someone you should be happy for them,” said Yasmine.

Catch Krewella’s second single “Alive” during DJ Toro’s Midnight Mix every week night, Friday Night Mixtape and Saturday Night Dance Factory.

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–Maria Bonello, 92.3 NOW/NYC

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