Kat Graham Discusses New Single ‘Wanna Say’ With DJ Toro

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Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW

Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW

Maria Bonello
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Best known for her role as the witty witch Bonnie Bennett on “The Vampire Diaries,” Kat Graham stopped by the 92.3 NOW studios to discuss what other magic she has in the works with resident mixer DJ Toro.

Graham’s progression as a performer didn’t begin the way she always thought it would with intentions of being a dancer and branching out into other fields of the entertainment industry.

“Its been an interesting transition ‘cause I thought that I would be doing music way before I would have booked a TV show. And I would have thought that I would have been doing more back up dancing before I would have been an artist. So its been an interesting journey, but its been really fun,” she said.

Graham first became interested in music at the age of 14, when she would practice DJing at her local Boys and Girls Club.

“And we had this amazing guy at the Boys and Girls Club that was a DJ. He used to be a battle DJ. He would come in and volunteer and help us little poor kids out. And he set up these turn tables with vinyl. I don’t know how to work Serrato. I only know how to work the actual vinyl,” Kat said, impressing the heck out of Toro.

Graham was inspired by that DJ to make it in the music industry, but it took her a while to figure out exactly which position she would aspire to take on.

“He would just drop off old school hip-hop like Wu-Tang. He gave me a stack of cool music and that led me into saying I want to make beats. First I just wanted to be a producer and I just wanted to make beats and that led into engineering. That led into rapping and then that led into recording engineering school so I could learn how to do my own records,” she said.

Persistance and determination enabled Graham to work with GRAMMY Award winner will.i.am on “The Donque Song” and “I Got It From My Mama” off his third album, Songs About Girls released in 2007.

“And than I winded up getting into singing after that. That process was because I kept sending will.i.am a bunch of beats as a kid. As a brat like ‘this is a hit, this is a smash’ and he winded up putting me on a couple of songs and then that whole journey started,” she said.

The second single off her EP is “Wanna Say,” an upbeat song about living it up in the moment.

“That is my future right now. I think a lot depends on ‘Wanna Say’ and it being a success. And I hope that people get into it. I hope that they respond to it and are feeling it and that people love it,” she said.

Leaning towards an R & B sound with some ’90s TLC influence, Graham is eager to take a more hip-hop route and collaborate with some fresh faces in the game.

“I’ve been really into different rappers and I want to collaborate and do some more hip-hop rap stuff. I want to do some stuff with Q-Tip or Rebecca Farside or work with A$AP Rocky or this new kid Joey Bada$$. There’s like some really cool kids out there that are doing their thing. And I really want to work with a dope up and coming rapper,” she said.

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