Comedian Bill Burr “Doesn’t Get” DJs: Here’s A Breakdown

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Ethan Miller/Frazer Harrison for Getty Images

Ethan Miller/Frazer Harrison for Getty Images

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DJs are winning GRAMMYs these days and some people find that very confusing. One of them is very funny comedian Bill Burr. He appeared as a guest on Conan Monday night to rant and rave about many things; like today’s music and his complete lack of understanding of it.

“To me, it’s just a guy playing his iPod with like, a mouse head and everyone is losing their mind,” said Burr, who attributes it to being old (He’s only 44). “I can’t tell the difference between that dude with the mouse head and the guy you see at like the Gap.” Watch the video for Burr’s full explanation and get ready for the funny.

We like to consider ourselves to be a part of the 13% C00L internet, so we decided to breakdown the types of DJs for Bill Burr in hopes he’ll understand who actually makes music and who plays their iPod.

The Party DJ

These DJs setup their turntables and disco balls in hopes of keeping a hundred sixteen-year-old girls happy and play off the inappropriate drunk uncle at your wedding. No one likes a crying teenager and that story about you falling asleep in the tub wearing a chicken costume doesn’t need to be heard by 125 people at the Elks Lodge over appetizers.

These DJs are a step above using their iPod. Their music is either stored on an external hard drive or they don’t make much money and are carrying around several books of CDs. The real talent here is their ability to repeat the “Chicken Dance” every Saturday night while still maintaining their sanity.

The Mixer

The Mixer is a DJ that keeps the vodka fueled club kids raging until 6am. They’ll use other musicians’ music and, as Burr so eloquently put it, “took two songs and blended them.” Sure, there’s a bit more to it than that. They put dance beats over those songs too.

And air horns. Don’t forget the air horns. WAAA WAAA WAAAAAAAAAAA!

The Producer

These are the guys winning GRAMMYs. They fall under EDM (electronic dance music) and all the various genres and subgenres like Dub, Trap, Techno and Trance. They sit in a studio for hours making their own beats and sounds into original music and sampling from others here and there.

These are people like Skrillex, deadmau5 (guy with the mouse head), Diplo, Avicii and Knife Party. They play in front of thousands and make major bank.

–E.J. Judge, 92.3 NOW/NYC


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