The Top Things Both Guys And Girls Should NOT Do On Valentine’s Day

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Valentine's Day Weekend in NYC
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Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year. Blame it on Hallmark, but it’s true! For most women, they love to get flowers, chocolates and romanced by their significant others. Most men feel the need to reserve times at expensive restaurants, and in most cases do the safest thing possible to make sure their girlfriend’s are happy. Why? Valentine’s Day is NOT the day to make risks.

The Ty Loves NY crew put together a list for every person imaginable to help make your V-Day run as smooth as possible. So if you’re a man or a woman in a relationship keep note. And if you’re single, we didn’t forget about you!

The Top Things To NOT Do On V-Day


  • Don’t be late (girls, your guy might have something planned which is realted to perfect timing)
  • Don’t compare past V-Day’s with your current one
  • Don’t complain you’re “too tired” after all is PAID and done


  • No blind dates (guys are clueless and now we’re adding pity into the mix)
  • No gifts over $25
  • No getting engaged!


  • Don’t go to dinner alone (you’ll be judged)
  • Don’t send yourself something from “A Secret Admirer”, which is really just you (sad sad one believes that!)
  • No contact with your crush within 12 hours of V-Day (before and after)

Ladies, what would happen if you’re GUY showed up late? You wouldn’t be happy, right? We had listeners call in to share their don’t on V-Day. In fact, most of them disagreed with Ty and his “No gifts over $25″ thing…

Do you agree with any of these? Disagree? If you feel you want to add something to the list, let Ty and the Ty Loves NY crew know in the comments below!
–Bryan Carstensen, 923NOW

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