What’s The Biggest Lie You’ve Let Slide In A Relationship?

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"How 'bout NO?!"

“How ’bout NO?!”

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Have you ever lied to your significant other? Was it so big that it started to snow ball into more lies? What if YOU were the one being lied to? Little white lies happen in life. You look past them, and learn to move on. Lala and Lulu are experiencing this in their sister relationship. Lulu is willing to look past this lie because they are sisters, and she loves her. But have YOU ever been lied where it hurt your feelings so badly, but you eventually looked past because you were so “in love”?

In Lala’s past, she lied about something so big that it involved more than one country, an entire family and a web of lies. Hear the lie below:

To sum up Lala’s lie, she spent her rent money on a trip to Cancun. Every dollar she saved, which was supposed to go to the family bills and rent, was all towards a trip! To top it off, Lala lied again saying she won the trip, so that her family wouldn’t question where that money went. Lulu is still heated over this lie, and it’s about time she moved on from it. In fact, I was lied to from my current boyfriend. When we first started dating, he lied to me about his job situation. He led me on thinking he was currently employed. Sadly, three weeks later he confessed that he was in between jobs. I was of course really upset, but turned out letting that lie slide, because I knew he was really embarrassed to admit he was currently unemployed.

What lie have you been able to look past in your relationship? Janice was able to let a lie slide, which was so massive it made us wonder if had a marble loose:

Have you ever looked past a lie? Whether it was from your sister, brother, best friend or husband? Let us know in the comments below!

–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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