Justin Timberlake Officially Joins Instagram, Eats Pizza Like The Rest Of Us

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Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

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Justin Timberlake is back with new music (including a new album The 20/20 Experience), a new haircut and possibly a new tour. But now the man hoping to reinvent Myspace and Bud Light is joining the Instagram flock of over 90 million filter happy users.

Timberlake coincidentally joined the photo-sharing social network on GRAMMY Sunday (February 10), which would explain the source for each of his 22 photos. They include Timberlake’s drive to the Staples Center, shots from the Red Carpet and behind-the-scenes pics from rehearsal, all of which receive thousands of ‘likes’ from his 140K+ followers. JT appears to love the old-timey, black and white look; all of his filters have been “inkwell” and “willow.”

JT hasn’t posted a photo since Monday and all have been themed around the GRAMMYs, but if his last submission is any sign of things to come, he’ll be right at home with the rest of the Instagram community.

A half eaten pepperoni pizza. Welcome to Instagram, JT. You’re one of us now.

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