From Sasha, With Lovesicles: A Letter To NYC

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Judge, Jury & Executionsicles....

Judge, Jury & Executionsicles….

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Hi errone! Sasha here, serving jury duty and thinking about life and stuffsicles. Isn’t it crazy that there are so, so many people in this awesome city of ours but you can run into them in so many places? I’ll tell you what I mean (no, I’m not drunk!).

This blog is more a profession of love for my city than about jury duty. My girl Zann told me last week she got recognized on the subway for being on the radio. And that is the coolest thing ever! While that hasn’t happened to me yet (I ride the R train guys, let’s get with it!), I think that is just so wild that we just bump into people we recognize and know in this crowded city. Here we are, 8 million people riding the train, doing our taxes, eating at restaurants at different places and times, and yet we see so many familiar faces.

And since there are a kazillion people in the great city of New York, there are ample opportunities to run into people we know at all times! I don’t know why, but this is blowin’ my mind todaysies. Maybe it’s because I live in South Park Slope, along with a bunch (technical term) of other people and I’ve run into 5 people I know here at the Court on Adams street… and didn’t know I didn’t even know they lived in Park Slope. I know that jury duty is a bummer sometimes, but it’s really neat to see lots of people I know in one place—plus they show you a rad video with a little history of the court system at the beginning of the daysies!

I feel like in New York City you make what I like to call, “almost friends.” When I leave work at sometimes 2am on a Friday, I see the same faces at the 24 hour street meat truck on 4th Ave in Brooklyn. I also see the same faces when I ride the R train every day at 10am. I smile at some of them. And sometimes I say, “have a great one!” Who are these people? What’s their history? Are they married? I don’t know, but I feel like I do.

And that’s what my favorite thing about this city is. The people make the vibrations that make the flavor of New York. That’s why, when I’m on the air all I want is for your voices to be heard and for you to feel like I’m your budsicle! I guess maybe I’m just trying to make the best out of jury duty, but I think loving the city your bringing justice to is a start!

–Sasha, 92.3 NOW

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