Lala Turns Her “Great Gatsby” Essay In… LATE! Compare Lulu & Lala’s Papers Here!

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CBS Radio/92.3 NOW Lulu y Lala & The 92.3 NOW Entourage hit up the Carnival Miracle before it embarked down the Atlantic Ocean! Lulu y Lala and the entourage welcomed the passengers as they boarded the ship! We gave away amazing prizes such as gift cards, beads necklaces, t-shirts, lip balm, folders and much more!

CBS Radio/92.3 NOW Lulu y Lala & The 92.3 NOW Entourage hit up the Carnival Miracle before it embarked down the Atlantic Ocean! Lulu y Lala and the entourage welcomed the passengers as they boarded the ship! We gave away amazing prizes such as gift cards, beads necklaces, t-shirts, lip balm, folders and much more!

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When the parents are away, the children will play. Or in this case, when Lulu and Lala’s parents are away on vacation, the adults will procrastinate! During the Christmas season break when Ty Loves NY was on vacation, Lulu and Lala were both given The Great Gatsby to read as a Christmas gift from Producer Jason. They said they wanted to fill their off time up with some proactive, but instead they it’s collecting dust on a shelf!

The Great Gatsby is one of the most talked about books this year, all in thanks to Leonardo DiCaprio’s new movie based off of F Scott Fitzgerald’s literary work of the same name. However when Ty found out that the twins weren’t forced to read the book during their high school years at North Bergen, he knew he needed to change that quickly! In fact, what DID the twins read in high school? Does North Bergen even have a credible educational system now? All of these questions flooded Ty’s brain. (We love you North Bergen).

So with the break on and the twins ready to dig into their new book, what did they do? Not touch a page! (Or in Lala’s case, maybe just two sentences). So Ty thought it best to put the twins to the test! He called their high school teacher from North Bergen, Mrs. Hovan, where she gave them explicit instructions to write essays.

Lulu turned her essay in on time this week, but Lala must have decided that she was the cool kid in class, so she turned it in a day late! Because of that she was forced to be given some extra handicaps during the Twin Bowl challenges. That must’ve made her turn in that essay on the quick! Did she pass the test?

“By citing incidents or comments from the novel, state Nick’s reasoning for thinking of Jay Gatsby as “The Great Gatsby.”

As The Great Gatsby’s first lines take place our narrator Nick highlights one of his

biggest virtues in life, and that is considering himself as one of the few honest men alive. Unable to enclose the genuine being that Nick is portrayed to be, it can simply be said he is an observant and intelligent man with good intent. The expression of his thoughts are descriptive, his keen judgment of character and observance of his surroundings is obvious. A reader is absolutely drawn to trust his opinion.

From the start, Gatsby’s life is a story within itself, full of inconsistency and tall tales that answer no questions as to the mystery of who he is and what exactly he does. Nick is unconsciously a man set out to find the intention, and history of those around him. Witnessing Gatsby’s lavish lifestyle and material possessions does not have the same affect over him as it does the superficially motivated population that is East and West Egg. Rumors and exaggerated stories of Jay Gatsby’s come up flourish in Nicks head prior to being able to really communicate with the man himself; In the instant he is given the opportunity and time alone with Jay, he begins his dissection of character.

Gatsby is undoubtedly a man who loves to talk about himself, perhaps in effort to take control of his audience’s perception. Nick is automatically motivated to find holes in every scene of Gatsby’s memories, acknowledging whenever Gatsby “chokes” on a phrase unable to swallow his own lie. Gatsby is however, a good story teller, pushing nick to re-consider whether he is telling the truth in some instances of his tale. However, I believe what truly moves Nick into completely disregarding every other variable of the story and truly admiring Jay Gatsby is witnessing the love fueling his entire being.           Gatsby is so helplessly in love with Daisy Buchanon, his whole life is immersed in one goal, and that is to obtain her love. Jay Gatsby lives in another reality, a realm in which consists of a constant replaying of the few foggy memories he once made with Daisy; A one track mind that objectifies what he must possess in order to be able to have her present today.

Nick becomes so involved in watching Gatsby’s dream unravel, I believe he unwilling begins placing him on the pedestal that is titled “The Great Gatsby.” It’s ironic to place the reasoning of a strong title, on the weakening and inhibiting idea that is love, but to explain I will highlight the sub-plots that take place in this story.

Take into consideration the characteristics of the others that take up space in West and East egg, their royalties and stature are the only things that give them a name. To speak more specifically taking note of a man such as Tom Buchanon, whose wealth and position depicted him as a man with freedom where any matter was reproachable. Why the Buchanons came East I don’t know. They spent a year in France for no particular reason, and then drifted here and there unrestfully to wherever people played polo and were rich together.”  These lines perfectly describes the substance-less lives The Buchanons and those who shadowed them live. Surrounded with people who held no real drive for life, Nick is taken by surprise to come into contact with someone who has selflessly mapped out a life of success, all to reach the ultimate admiration of a woman with minimal intellect and no concern for him at all. Through the entirety of their encounter Daisy falls short of Gatsby’s expectation, however his drive somehow continually pushes him to his morbid fate. I believe Nick is infatuated with the persistence of a man in love.  Gatsby’ love for Daisy was pure ran deep. You see this, when after Daisy kills Myrtle, she runs back to the arms of her husband,Tom, omitting the fact that she ended Myrtle’s life to him. In a desperate manner to insure Daisy’s well being, Gatsby waits outside her house all night. It’s a perfect example where Nick was mindful of Gatsby ever-lasting love for Daisy.   The iconic final paragraph details the somber hope Nick perceived inside of a man such as Jay Gatsby, The Great Gatsby.

“I thought of Gatsby’s wonder when he first picked out the green light at the end of Daisy’s dock. He had come a long way to this blue lawn , and his dream must have seemed so close that he could hardly fail to grasp it. He did not that it was already behind him…”

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.””

How do you think Lala did? With all grammar aside, did she come to the conclusion that was required from Miss Hovan? Make sure to check out her sister’s essay (Lulu) here, to compare!

Procrastination kiddies, it’ll get the best of you!

–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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