Sky Blu ‘Pops Bottles,’ Talks Healthy LMFAO Competition w/ DJ Toro

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Joe Cingrana, 92.3 NOW

Joe Cingrana, 92.3 NOW

Maria Bonello
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Party Rocker Sky Blu of LMFAO stopped by the 92.3 NOW studios to discuss his new solo career and of course pop a bottle with resident mixer DJ Toro.

92.3 NOW was the first station to play the singer’s newly released single, “Pop Bottles” featuring Mark Rosas.

DJ Toro initially played the track during the Midnight Mix as part of his Battle of the Beats feature, with non other than Redfoo‘s single “Bring Out The Bottles” going up against him.

“Pop Bottles” won by a landslide - 95.09% to 4.91%.


“Had a few hits now we changed the game/Ish gets crazy when you get some fame/Different city every night but it’s all the same/Everywhere I go people know my name.”

When Toro brought up some of Sky’s lyrics from “Pop Bottles,” the singer happily explained.

“When you reach a level of success – and this is real – things happen, man. Friends change. You get some friends that are there for the moment and then if you hurt your back they’re not there no more. But you know, no matter what everywhere we go around the world you know people know who we are and people want to have a good time and party,” said Sky Blu.

Sky Blu In Studio w/ DJ Toro & Zann

Sky Blu In Studio

Although at present the LMFAO duo are both pursuing solo careers, there are no signs of a complete split. But is it a coincidence that both singles are about bottles or is there a bit of family rivalry going on?

“I’d say it’s healthy; me and Foo are always competitive. We always play basketball and ping-pong together and we come from a serious, competitive family. Its all good, but the most important thing is for the LMFAO fans to understand that me and Foo, separately and together, are LMFAO. So support us both,” said Sky Blu.

Good point, and Toro is ready to support them both – at the same time! One of the most pressing questions on Toro’s mind was: If you mash up Sky’s “Pop Bottles” and Red’s “Bring Out The Bottles,” is it an LMFAO song?

“Damn right! Bring out the popped bottles baby!” exclaimed Sky Blu.

The album title for Sky’s solo effort has not been released yet, but it’s set to drop on Independence Day (July 4th) and will feature an array of different tracks.

“We got trap music, hip-hop ‘cause I’m hip-hop. I used to battle rap and all that. Rock ‘n roll, indie music. We got about four or five uptempo electros. But it definitely shows a spectrum of what music I can create and I love. A lot of it is with Mark Rosas. He’s my main man,” he said.

Singer Mark Rosas also joined DJ Toro and Sky Blu in the 92.3 NOW studios with a vintage 2002 bottle of Dom Perignon to celebrate.

Skyblu & Mark Rosas In Studio w/ DJ Toro

Skyblu & Mark Rosas In Studio w/ DJ Toro

BONUS: Mark Rosas shared a little known fact he learned from Sky Blu about champagne bottles; it takes six magical twists to get the “cage” off the cork. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

-Maria Bonello & Joe Cingrana, 92.3NOW/NY

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