Twin Bowl 2013: Lulu Y Lala Compete In The “Do You Swallow” Challenge (Video)

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Lala thinks she has the upper hand by not being blind folded. But does she!?

Lala thinks she has the upper hand by not being blind folded. But does she!?

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May the odds be ever in your favor Lulu and Lala!

Both twins are trying to prove that they are the best of the two sisters. This came about after Lulu and Lala found out the Super Bowl this year will be fought between the Harbaugh brothers: Jim (49ers) and John (Ravens). What better way than to show some twin love than battle it out themselves!?

So this morning on Ty Loves NY, Lulu and Lala both pitted against each other to determine who was the best twin out of the two. There are nine challenges, and today’s was determined by one of our listeners!

Lulu are you ready with that bib??

Lulu are you ready with that bib??

So with Lulu and Lala prepping their Do You Swallow Challenge, Intern Julie and Intern Ayisha brought in plates of food (which the twins have never tried before): pickles, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, mango, graham crackers, and a nut mix!

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We gave Lala the handicap of being able to see her plate, while Lulu could not. Lulu was, leaving Lala completely free to see the food. Was this her advantage or her downfall?

Want to see who the victorious twin is from today’s Do You Swallow challenge? Watch the video below!

PHOTOS: The Push-Up/Do You Swallow Challenges

–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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