Where Trap Music Meets Top 40 Radio

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Trap music is all the rage now, or getting there. Just like EDM and Dubstep have and continue to be making waves through NYC and surrounding areas, Trap music is making an appearance here and there, especially in the clubs and our mix shows, specifically with my homie DJ Jay Dabhi every night on Club 923.

I always find it very refreshing when formats (different types of music) cross paths. You see, back in the day as I’m sure you’re aware of slightly, formats didn’t cross paths. In the past 5 years, we’ve heard tons of artists collaborate with each other that wouldn’t have 10 years ago. For example, Flo Rida collaborating with Olly Murs on “Trouble Maker” or when Jason Mraz collaborated with Lil Wayne on “I’m Yours.” I remember when the Mraz song came out and people were floored at the pair up with Lil Wayne.

More recently however, DJs have become the epicenter of redefining the line between formats.

Here and there you can hear things like an EDM remix of Oasis’ “Wonderwall.”

It was also an incredibly huge deal when DJs like David Guetta and Calvin Harris started pairing up with Top 40 vocalists, like Akon and Ne-Yo. DJs no longer just stick to one format, they are merging formats throughout the clubs and on Top 40 radio. It’s up for debate as to if it’s to redefine musical lines or fatten the wallets of the DJs.

Here are some trap remixes of current hit songs that are played on 92.3 NOW:

Taylor Swift -
“I Knew You Were Trouble (Jeremy Gygi Trap Remix)”

Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch -
“Sweet Nothing (Grandtheft and Diplo Trap Remix)”

Kanye West -
“Mercy (RL Grime and Salva Trap Remix)”

In my opinion, Trap remixes are hit and miss. Plus there is a world of Trap music out there that doesn’t just constitute remixing currently existing top hit songs.

DJ Carnage has a sick Trap mix out there: Carnage Festival Trap Mix – Vol. 1

You can check it out here:


I like to pop two Advil PM and fall asleep to the blissful sounds of DJ Carnage nightly!

–Zann, 92.3 NOW

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