Ty’s Baby Shower Anxiety: Does Accepting Gifts From People Mean He’s Mooching?

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Ty is having an extremely difficult time about this whole “I’m having a baby, and my friends are giving me gifts” thing. In fact, he is even unsure what to do about the baby shower. Not only does his fiance Corri have one, but she has two (or more!) of them to attend. And with every baby shower, more gifts pile on up. With every gift that the new baby receives, Ty feels more and more uncomfortable. He knows that he can afford the stroller, diapers, etc. himself, and feels like his friends shouldn’t provide these things for him!

This morning on Ty Loves NY, Ty confessed his love for his friends and how grateful he is that they are wanting to spend the money on gifts, but it doesn’t mean that he has to be comfortable about it. But what happens if they are people who are Corri’s friends, who he doesn’t really know all to well?

So with Ty being uncomfortable about even attending a baby shower, he is even more uncomfortable about his friends spending money on his new baby.Is he being a baby about it? Should he man up and just accept the fact that every baby should be given a shower, because it’s a friend/family’s right to give a new infant gifts? We took to the phones to find out!

I think Ty needs some experience in the world of baby showers, don’t you? Lulu and Lala are going to try and get Ty into some showers around the tri state! Maybe with a little experience and understanding, he’ll feel comfortable when his friend’s buy Batman (baby’s nickname) a stroller.

Do you have any wise words for Ty when dealing with this situation? Have you ever had baby shower anxiety? Are you expecting a baby and attending a shower soon as well? Sound off in the comments below!

–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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