Relationship Woes: Do You Gain Weight When You Date?

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Every time I get into a relationship I seem to get really comfortable. I start to spend less and less time at the gym, and more time on the couch with my boyfriend. I start to think “well if he’s okay with me looking like this, than why do I need to run those few extra miles?”, and I lose focus on my fitness. That is just one instance of gaining weight while dating. Other times, I end up going out to eat so much that I gain more weight than I should, and I just become lazy.

Luckily I am not the only person who goes through this! On today’s Ty Loves NY, Ty mentioned that he is going through that phase with his (now) fiance Corri, where he gets so comfortable that he loses track on his looks and just accepts that Corri is okay with that. But it all just seemed to happen when she moved in! He has to literally see a picture of himself to be like “Oh damn, time to call that personal trainer!”

According to a study people feel exactly the same way: when moving into a new place with your significant other, you tend to lose weight.

Have you gained weight after moving in with your significant other? Do they cook more food? Do they occupy so much of your usual free time that you don’t HAVE the time to hit the gym? Or are you in that honeymoon type phase where you just don’t care about your looks, and accept that they love you for who you are.

This morning on Ty Loves NY, we found out that the tri state has these issues just like Ty:

Are you experiencing relationship weight gain this very moment? Do those pants fit just a bit tighter? Or have you gone through this with an ex? Sound off in the comments below. Remember: the first step to getting better is accepting!

–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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