U.K. Singer Olly Murs Weighs In On Beyonce Lip-Sync Drama

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Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW

Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW

Photo: Joe Cingrana Joe Cingrana
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Beyoncé‘s lip-synced performance at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration has been gaining traction these past few days with fans taking up positions on both sides of the fence; some say it’s all part of the music business and some say it’s completely unacceptable. Either way, lip sync gate is in full swing.

On Tuesday (January 22), reports surfaced that Bey may not have been singing the National Anthem live at Obama’s swearing-in ceremony. A new statement, this time from an Inaugural official who asked not to be identified, is claiming she did in fact lip-sing in a statement to CNN on Wednesday (January 23).

Although Beyonce has yet to comment on the allegations, other stars have been speaking out on her behalf.

During a recent visit to 92.3 NOW in NYC, British singer Olly Murs weighed in on the hot topic with some interesting insight.


When told about the possibility that Beyonce lip-synced her performance, Olly was taken aback.

“You are lying! Oh my gosh! Nah, she definitely doesn’t, BEYONCE does not mime!” said Murs. “I’ll tell you why… take for example Bruno Mars: At the X-Factor, he came down and did rehearsals, and I work on the X Factor. So, I was there at rehearsals and was hearing him sing “Locked Out Of Heaven.” Pitch perfect, so good, every note was the same every time, because he’s THAT good. Beyonce is THAT good.”

But what if the truth comes out that Beyonce DID in fact lip-sync her performance. Would Olly, obviously a big fan of the singer, be disappointed? Olly says he would be a bit let down because he understands how some people can misinterpret a killer vocal performance with lip-syncing.

“When you sing a song, sometimes you can sing as good as the version you’re releasing,” explained Murs. “And people go ‘you definitely mimed that, there’s no way you could sing it exactly the same as the original song.’ And I’m like, well that’s me singing it!”

“I think she’s probably sung the National Anthem 100 times in her sleep,” continued Murs. “It might look like she was miming but I guarantee Beyonce, at that level… I don’t think she would have risked it on TV. Or maybe she might have been ill. We don’t know the ins and outs but I can’t imagine Beyonce miming the National Anthem on such a big day!”

–Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW/NYC

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