The Best Songs Of 2013 (So Far!)

Which songs released in 2013 are your favorites... so far?
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Happy 2013! We started this beast by listing our favorite hip-hop and dance songs of 2013 so far back in January – you know, to get your downloads in on your brand new phones and mp3 players – but we’re going to continue updating this bad boy until it’s no longer 2013!

Check out the songs and videos by clicking the photos below! Then be sure to tell us which ones are your favorites… so far!.

Avicii in studio @ 92.3 NOW (Photo: Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW)

Avicii in studio @ 92.3 NOW (Photo: Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW)

Avicii“Wake Me Up”

Swedish DJ/Producer Tim Berg (Avicii) took the world by surprise when he dropped this one at Ultra in Miami. Now it’s his next single. Sure it’s a little folky, but that’s a good thing. It’s nice to hear someone try something a bit different now and again.

Diplo (Major Lazer) (Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Diplo (Major Lazer) (Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Major Lazer ft. 2 Chainz, Bruno Mars & Tyga – “Bubble Butt”

We’re not so sure this song or video is safe for work, but we don’t really care either. This track has been heating up the 92.3 NOW mix shows for a few weeks now. The video is hilarious, too. Just make sure your boss doesn’t catch you watching. No, seriously.

Fall Out Boy (Photo: Gabriel Olsen, La Guerre Eternelle)

Fall Out Boy (Photo: Gabriel Olsen, La Guerre Eternelle)

Fall Out Boy – “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark”

Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz (and those other guys too, I guess) are back with their signature brand of pop-rock just in time for Summer. We’ll be singing this hook in the shower for months.

Timeflies in studio @ 92.3 NOW (Photo: Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW)

Timeflies in studio @ 92.3 NOW (Photo: Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW)

Timeflies“I Choose U”

Local boys Cal & Rez have hit the mark with their latest single that’s been packing dance floors since it’s release.

Bruno Mars (Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

Bruno Mars (Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

Bruno Mars“Treasure”

Bruno Mars was born in the wrong decade. This hit maker has the soul of a 1950′s crooner and he shows off those chops in his latest single and video!

Miley Cyrus in studio @ 92.3 NOW (Photo: Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW)

Miley Cyrus in studio @ 92.3 NOW (Photo: Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW)

Miley Cyrus“We Can’t Stop”

She LITERALLY can’t stop making hit after hit. Ms. Cyrus is back with another party girl anthem… and she even gave us a weird-as-hell video to go along with it!

Capital Cities (Photo: Alex Rauch

Capital Cities (Photo: Alex Rauch

Capital Cities“Safe & Sound”

They look like a couple of Williamsburg hipsters, but they make music, really, really good music like it’s nobody’s business. Plus, they make a damn good music video. Check out our interview with the guys from Capital Cities HERE.

Macklemore (Photo: Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW)

Macklemore (Photo: Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW)

Macklemore“Can’t Hold Us”

As if “Thrift Shop” wasn’t catchy enough, now Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are back with another hook that you’ll be singing for days on end. Especially since it’s already in about six TV commercials. Check out our “Money Can’t Buy” artist experience with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis right HERE.

Imagine Dragons (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Imagine Dragons (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Imagine Dragons“Radioactive”

It happens more often than you think. Rockers turned Top 40 because they have that sound that just strikes a chord in the hearts of the masses. You’ll be hearing more tracks off of the major label debut release from these Las Vegas natives.

Daft Punk (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Daft Punk (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams - “Get Lucky”

Daft Punk took an unexpected turn with their new album, Random Access Memories, and we LOVE it. Pharrell accompanies this perfect funk beat that makes us want to get up and jam, “Saturday Night Fever” style.

Photo: Joe Cingrana/CBS Radio

Robin Thicke (Photo: Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW)

Robin Thicke ft. T.I. & Pharrell Williams – “Blurred Lines”

Long story short, we can’t turn this song off at any point during the day. Apparently Pharrell is the new “it” collaborator, and we’re not even mad about it. Wait, what rhymes with “hug me?” Oh…I see what you did there, Mr. Thicke. I’m in. Check out our “Money Can’t Buy” artist experience with Robin Thicke right HERE.

 (Photo: Vittoria Colonna for CBS Radio / 92.3 NOW)

Karmin (Photo: Vittoria Colonna/92.3 NOW)

Karmin- “Acapella

The duo is at it again! Amy Hiedemann and Nick Noonan first made their mark on the music industry with their single, “Brokenhearted” and now they’re back with a feisty beat and even ballsier lyrics. Amy lets all her lady friends know that, in the event that you end up dating a scrub, once you get all you can from him, it’s time to walk away. Oh, YES, honey!

Ronny Hartmann/Getty Images

JT (Ronny Hartmann/Getty Images)

Justin Timberlake“Suit and Tie”

Quite possibly the most anticipated release of the year, JT is back with his pal Jay-Z with his first single “Suit and Tie.” Justin’s new album will be released on March 19th.

Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW

Ne-Yo & Zann (Photo: Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW)

Ne-Yo“Forever Now”

Another R&B/Dance hit from the man who has mastered the craft. Ne-Yo is flying solo on this one… he don’t need no features!

Joe Cingrana for CBS Radio/92.3 NOW

Redfoo in studio @ 92.3 NOW (Photo: Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW)

Redfoo“Bring Out The Bottles”

The boys from LMFAO have gone down their separate roads in 2013 but they’re still working the clubs and popping those bottles! Here’s the first single from Redfoo!

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Skyblu (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Skyblu“Pop Bottles”

The other half of LMFAO, Skyblu has also released a new song for 2013… and it’s also about popping bottles. These two separate-but-equal songs have been up against each other in DJ Toro‘s Battle of the Beats for two weeks straight!

Zedd Performs @ Webster Hall (Photo: Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW)

Zedd Performs @ Webster Hall (Photo: Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW)

Zedd ft. Foxes- “Clarity”

EDM DJ/Producer Zedd got together with singer Foxes for this emotional dance/ballad that has been making it’s way into the ears and hearts of music fans in 2013. Check out our interview with Zedd in studio HERE.

Joe Cingrana, 92.3 NOW

Calvin Harris (Photo: Joe Cingrana, 92.3 NOW)

Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding“I Need Your Love”

Calvin is still on his “love” trip, this time with the adorable Ellie Goulding lending vocals to his dance floor banger. Check out our photos with Calvin when he stopped by the studios right HERE.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

50 Cent (Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

50 Cent ft. Eminem & Adam Levine“My Life”

This is definitely a weird pairing, Fiddy with Maroon 5′s Adam Levine and Detroit’s bad boy, Eminem. Adam’s part is definitely the best part of this one, being that Em is still very angry and 50 Cent looks and sounds like he’s about $1.50. I’m saying you’re old, 50.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

DJ Pauly D (Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

DJ Pauly D ft. Jay Sean“Back To Love”

The Jersey Shore cast member needs something to do now that the show is over and luckily(?) he’ll be sticking to his fist-pumping roots. He’s bringing along UK pop sensation Jay Sean to help him out on his first single of 2013. Good luck, Pauly. CABS ARE HERE!

Vince Bucci/AFP/Getty Images

Destiny’s Child (Vince Bucci/AFP/Getty Images)

Destiny’s Child“Nuclear”

Well, they’re back. It’s been a minute since we’ve heard “new music” from Beyonce & Co. It’s new music, which is actually old music that will be released on their new “Love Songs” compilation.

Joe Cingrana, CBS Radio/92.3 NOW

Skrillex @ Webster Hall (Photo: Joe Cingrana/92.3 NOW)

Skrillex ft. A$AP Rocky & Birdy Nam Nam – “Wild For The Night”

The king of dirty dubstep has dropped a new track featuring Harlem, NY native A$AP Rocky. Unfortunately, as a fan I’m still waiting for Skrillex to tear my teeth out like he did with “Scary Monsters” – but I’ll take this one in the meantime.

Sara Glenn/Getty Images

Lil Wayne (Sara Glenn/Getty Images)

Lil Wayne ft. Drake & Future – “Love Me”

Weezy is back and he’s talking about the love his b!#%@es have for him! This track features October’s Very Own, Drake and newcomer Future.

What are your favorite songs so far this year? Let us know in the comments section below!

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