Damn… It’s Cold Outside! Keep Yourself AND Your Dog Toasty!

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I am no meteorologist, but it’s safe to say that it’s freaking COLD outside and we have another cold front coming this Friday with a possibility of a snow storm! Yikes!

So, whats a girl and her pooch to do when the weather outside is below freezing? Stay inside of course, which could then bring on cabin fever… but see that’s why we are New Yorkers! We know how to handle the cold and our four legged friends! But just in case YOU DON’T, I have a few tips to keep you and your four legged BFF warm and frost bite free!

1. A groomed puppy means happy owner, but WAIT! Don’t opt for the shave down! It’s too cold!

2. Never (and I was guilty of this on Friday because my Monti wanted to go with me to take the kids to day care) ever leave your dog in the car when its freezing cold!

3. Make sure Fido has a warm place to sleep. Off the floor is preferred and if you allow Spot to sleep in bed with you than more power to ya! Mine has a plush dog bed that makes my queen mattress feel like cardboard! Seriously!

4. If you like to take your pup running around prospect park, bundle up! If you are thinking duh? No I mean not just you! Yea, you have the proper gear on, but your pup needs added protection, too. If you think its cold outside chances are your dog does too.

And last but not least….

5. Don’t ever leave your dog outside chained for a lengthy period of time outside … ever!!! This is just common sense, but if it’s something you do, the Borough you live in could take your pup away and give you a citation.

Hope you stay warm through this frost that we are going through… a Thaw is coming! Lonnie Quinn from CBS News said so!

-Micki Gamez, 92.3 NOW/NYC

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