Are You The Smartest Person In NY? Jennifer Lawrence, OWN & Kris Humphries

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Ty Bentli, Lulu & Lala of the Ty Loves NY morning show on 92.3 NOW FM. Photo: Joe Cingrana, 92.3 NOW

Ty Bentli, Lulu & Lala of the Ty Loves NY morning show on 92.3 NOW FM. Photo: Joe Cingrana, 92.3 NOW

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All week long on ‘Ty Loves NY’, the crew has been handing out tickets to the Handbag Happy Hour that Ty, Lulu and Lala will be hosting on February 7th. But there was one small catch in order to win them: You have to prove that you are the Smartest Person In NY! Answer five questions right, and those tickets are yours! Sounds easy, right? Ty makes it just a bit difficult! You gotta work for those tickets!

On this morning’s show Rafa was back for her fourth day as reigning champ. And since she was 5 for 5 yesterday, it was time to throw down the hammer on today’s questions!

But first Maria was up try and take Rafa down, and score those tickets for the Handbag Happy Hour . Find out which lucky person won:

Can you be able to get all five right?

  1. Although it was joked about at the Golden Globes, this Back to the Future star does not want his dating Taylor Swift?
  2. Lance Armstrong did not just confirm that he doped during his cycling career, he also confirmed that this Oprah run network actually existed by doing the interview on the channel?
  3. What Brooklyn Nets player and former reality star is planning on suing a woman who accused him of giving her herpes?
  4. This High School Musical star was caught last night browsing through a sex shop?
  5. What Silver Linings Playbook star and Academy Award nominee was just pulled in a twitter war with Lindsay Lohan when Lindsay mistook a reference she made in her Golden Globes acceptance speech?


  1. Michael J Fox
  2. OWN
  3. Kris Humphries
  4. Zac Efron
  5. Jennifer Lawrence

Did you get them right? We have a brand NEW champion! Sorry Rafa, but you had a good run. Do you feel you’re the Smartest Person in NYC? Try competing on Ty Loves NY weekdays from 6AM-10AM on 92.3NOW!

–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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