Ty Loves NY’s Top 10 Rules For NYC Visitors

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Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

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Ty’s youngest sister Kristye is visiting New York City for the first time EVER this weekend. If you remember, Ty is from a small town in South Dakota, so Kristye is about to get the culture shock of her life!

As any good New Yorker, Ty is about to put on his tourist hat and show her the city! But what happens if he can’t be with her during the entire trip? The Ty Loves NY crew put together some of the biggest rules any tourist (and even any New Yorker) should know about being in the best city in the world.

Do you agree with these?

  1. If there’s a bathroom…use it.  Even if you don’t have to go yet, just try, ‘cuz it could be a while before you find another public restroom that’s not “out of service.”
  2. If something’s free… you don’t want it.
  3. If something’s ridiculously cheap… buy it!  Just don’t brag about it to a policeman.
  4. Central Park is now safer at night… safe-ER… not ‘safe!’
  5. The even-numbered streets go east, the odd ones go west. If you’re in SoHo or the Finacial District, you’re screwed.
  6. “Move bi***, get out the way!” is actually a compliment.
  7. Wearing a Red Sox jersey to any bar in NY might get you killed.
  8. NEVER pay full price for a Broadway show (unless it’s Wicked or Book Of Mormon… you’re SOL on that). Instead go to TKTS in Times Sq. Great seats, usually half the price!
  9. Just because the don’t walk sign is up, it doesn’t mean you should stop walking.
  10. If you need to stop to take a picture, don’t. But if you really, really need to, then see #6.

We put some of our OWN New Yorker’s to the test this morning and pulled out some more rules!

Do you agree with Lauren? Do you agree with the list above? If you have one to add for Kristye before she arrives, throw it in the comments below! And don’t forget: if someone says to “Move Bi*** get out the way”, don’t take it so personally!

–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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